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A group of young children were sitting in a circle with their teacher. She was going around in turn asking them all questions.

“Davey, what sound does a cow make?”
Davey replied, “It goes ‘moo’.”

Alice, what sound does a cat make?”
Alice said, “It goes ‘meow’.”

“Jamie, what sound does a lamb make?”
Jamie said, “It goes ‘baaa’.”

“Jennifer, what sound does a mouse make?”
Jennifer paused, and said, “Uhh… it goes… ‘click’!”

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Source:Basic Jokes

Well, that"s a simple joke to cheer you up in case your computer bullies you again today.

According to “Stress The Silent Killer download feel the noise free ”, an ebook written by Ryan Sawyer, stress is defined as the effect of any physical or mental pressures on your physical or emotional wellness.

There are many causes of stress such as health and emotional conditions, friends and family, money, marriages, job changes, computers and so forth.

Today, we are going to focus only on the stress caused by your computer(s). WHY? Because I believe that all of you folks own a computer (be it PC or laptop), or at least a computer user.

I have seen so many people get frustrated over their computers (I was one of them) when their computer hang, shut down without warning, blackout, lost their work before they save them, the speed of the computer is slow, the browser crashes … etc (You name them), they tend to get frustrated and stress.

I believe that all of you, folks, have plenty of frustrating story with computers to tell. You can scream, kick the door, shout at your kids and spouse, punch the keyboard or punch the computer table but the problem is still remains unsolved.

That is why this article is written. Stress is one of the negative emotions. If you understand the Law of Attraction, when we feel stress, we tend to attract more of the stressful feeling, situations and experience.

I don"t think anyone here loves stress. The solution is very obvious. You can eliminate stress by making your computer faster or control your emotion.

I personally think that the first one is much easier. I am not going to teach you how to make your computer faster today because I"m not a computer geek and it will be out of the topic of my blog but Kris will.

Who Is Kris? I"ll tell you in the next post. (grin)

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