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Okay, today, I’m going to share with you one of the bugs that causes the failure of the Law of Attraction.

When you have a goal or a dream and you know about the Law of Attraction (obviously), chances are you may choose to use the Law of Attraction to attract or manifest your goals.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Often times, I see that, there are too many people who try to control the way it is manifested to them. In another words, they focus on the method rather than the end result.

Here’s an example

Let’s say Peter (just an example) wants to attract a $100,000 to him because he wants to buy a brand new car. He set a specific goal, dateline and the amount that he wants.

Next, he puts on his Law of Attraction’s

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hat and begins to attract the money to him. He plays the Attraction Accelerator binaural beats audio and visualizes his goals literally everyday. Besides, he meditates for half an hour daily.

Oh, I forget to mention that he actually purchase a lottery ticket and in his mind, he visualizes that he has won the lottery (First Prize)

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He wonders why after quite a while, his dream still never comes true.

The Lesson

One of the common mistakes is that one should never restrict the way it is manifested to him/her.

In this case, the end result that Peter wants in the money or more specifically, the brand new car.

download the machine girl movie The car could be manifested in many ways.

It could be:

  • He wins the car through lucky draws.
  • He inherits a huge amount of money from his late relative.
  • His boss buys him the car after he helps his company to rake massive profits.
  • And many more

By fixing the method or the way of how your goal is going to be manifested to you, you are actually limiting the doors that welcome your desire result.

That mistake will retard the process of your manifestation and wear off your faith to the Law of Attraction.

I’m not trying to say that attracting the first prize of the lottery doesn’t work but only the universe knows which is the best and the most harmonious way to manifest it to you.

“Our mind is like a parachute. It works much better when it’s open!” i am sam download free hooligans divx download download scary movie 3 free

So, open your mind like a parachute and let it come to you naturally in the most harmonious way. You can do this by simply focusing on the end result that you really desire.

Does your mind open like a parachute? Come on share your thoughts with me. I’m all “eyes”!

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    • rockandrollguru

      In addition to being open to the possibilities, I think another major challenge is that we often become attached to the outcomes we want. Attachment then places our attention on the lack of what we want, and the focus on lack will not allow what we truly desire to manifest.

    • raymond

      Hi rockandrollguru,

      That’s where the process of visualization plays its part.

      Make yourself feel that you already have it and not lack of it. :)

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    • Nicole Price

      I so agree that the mind should always be open like a parachute, because with an open mind you are open not only to new ideas and experiences, you are also able to absorb new knowledge effortlessly.

    • Land Projects UK

      I agree also, If our mind are open like parachutes for new ideas and possibilities more good things will come to us. Well just let new thoughts enter out mind.

    • raymond

      Hi Land Project UK,

      Exactly. That’s one of the ways to invite possibilities. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      Our mind is like a door of wisdom. :)

    • Wii guy

      Mind like a parachute, that’s a great image.
      I hope my mind is like a parachute. I want to make money and don’t really mind how so I guess you could say I’m open to any possibility!


    • raymond

      You’ve got the idea, Wii guy. :)

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