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Last week, I have been discussed about achieving your goals. I started by laying out how Nicholas Cage materialize his goal by using the power of the Law of Attraction. (read here)

Next, I showed you the importance of knowing the WHYs you want to achieve your goals. (read here

divx ricochet ) and how it helps you to achieve your goals. (read here)

Today, we"ll move into the most important steps to achieve your goal which is to take MASSIVE action. Taking action alone is not enough. You must take MASSIVE action. I"ll go more into that in just a minute.

Look, if your goal is to jump off the Empire State Building (with parachute, maybe :) ), then you can"t just stand at the edge of the building. You must take the action to jump down.

Well, jump down seems like a small action to take. But why did I say MASSIVE action?

Here"s the point. Before you can stand at the edge of the building, you need to get up to the building first. Perhaps you take the staircase. That"s what I mean by massive action.

But we can take the elevator, can"t we?

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Good point, guess what? you or somebody else need to build the elevator first before you can get up to the roof through the machine, doesn"t it?

Another example will be, let"s say your goal is to clear out the entire weed in a garden. You can not just take a little action by pulling out a few weeds a day.

Why? Because you"ll never get it done and the weed will grow back even before you finish on the other part of the garden. You must take massive action to clear it out in one day in order to see a beautiful garden free of weeds. Otherwise, your goals will just remain as a dream forever.

That"s the importance of taking MASSIVE action!

To sum this up, the Law of Attraction

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is NOT about wishful thinking and this is the part where most people get it wrong!

Law of Attraction is about attract the path to you and you have to take your own action to walk the path and not just disappear from where you are and appear at the place you want to be in a poof of smoke.

That"s from my point of view. What about yours? Share it with me. Does this article deliver useful information to you? Let me know if it is. I"ll personally read all the comments you post.

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    • wanwma

      Nice post!!

    • raymond

      Hi Wanwma,

      Thank you.

      I am so happy and grateful that you enjoy it. :)

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    • Cary Darling

      I completely agree with your post. It seems most people think this is just about getting rich quick, what I am seeing in my studies is that the Law of Attraction is about personal responsibility.

    • raymond

      That’s right, Cary.

      Those who just hope and not taking any action will end up hoping.

    • David Anderson

      If opportunity comes, grab it! You never know when it will come again.. It’s your responsibility to take necessary actions in order to achieve your goals or plans in life… How it will come true if you do nothing? Right?

    • raymond

      Hi David,

      That’s very true. Nothing happens unless you take action. Newton’s First Law of Motion has say it well. :)

    • PreSchool Mama

      Very useful post, Raymond! I’ve been a little guilty of “clearing out the weeds” one at a time. Thanks for drilling the importance of MASSIVE action!

    • raymond

      Hi Preschool Mama,

      Better be late to find out than never. :)

      Let’s clear our weeds TODAY!

    • Rina

      Hmmm..after reading your post, I’m actually feeling the need to take massive action. Thanks for your motivation!!

    • raymond

      Hi Rina,

      Go go go. Let’s make today the day to get rid of all the weeds. :)

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    • MichelleVan

      Loved this post and linked to it. (I don’t see a trackback though, did it take somewhere?)… Thanks for the POV!

    • raymond

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for the link. The trackback was landed in the spam folder. I have approved it.

      I enjoy your article very much. :)

    • Brian

      On the mark. If you study the Science of Getting Rich, Wallace talks about how manifestation works through ‘natural channels’ i.e., if you want to be a concert pianist it’s likely you’ll need some lessons and practice.
      Which reminds me of one my favorite musical jokes;
      A young aspiring pianist visits a famous pianist after his concert and asks him for his secret.
      The older musician tells him that he prayed to God to become a great musician.
      The younger man goes home and prays every night to become a great musician; everyday he finds he is no better than the day before.
      Finally, he returns to the older gentleman and says;
      “Sir, if it’s not too personal, could you please tell me what God’s answer to your prayer was?”
      The older man thinks for a moment and then says;
      “Oh yes! He said ‘practice!’”

    • raymond

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks for sharing the joke. That’s indeed very funny.

      What a pitiful young man who did not know that taking action is a part of the process of manifestation.

    • Greg

      I think there’s nothing wrong with people, who say whatever they want. It’s just there way of communication, I think

    • raymond

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for sharing your point of view. :)

    • kayseri emlak

      Hmmm..after reading your post, I’m actually feeling the need to take massive action. Thanks for your motivation!!

      • raymond

        Hi Kayseri,

        Go go go!!!

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