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I have been talking about “skills” for one whole week and I hope I didn’t bore you. :)

Today, I’m going to prove to you that every skill is learnable no matter how impossible it seems to be.

You’ll be amazed and I can assure you that this video is going to drop your jaw. So make sure you hold your jaw in place.

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Now, watch this:

I’m so embarrassed to admit that this elephant can draw better than I do. Do you think “impossible” exist?

Come on share your thoughts!

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    • Phil the Plumbing Course Expert

      Everything can be learned! As long as you are determined and have discipline in yourself you will surely achieve what you want. The elephant is really amazing!

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    • raymond

      Hi Phil,

      This elephant really inspired me.

      I was totally blown away. :)

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    • April – Bayliner Boats

      Thanks for the video clip. I actually saw a documentary about elephants painting but the examples that were shown were much more abstract.

    • raymond

      Hi April,

      Well, I hope you like this one. :)

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