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We are moving closer and closer to the end of the year. The exam season is coming and I can see the stress level of my students rise drastically.

Some begin to regret for the precious time they have wasted, some find it hard to absorb the knowledge that they have studied just because they feel stressful in their mind and body.

As a caring teacher, I just can’t let this happen to my students. That’s because I understand that when a person feel stress, they are being controlled by negative thoughts (such as they’ll not be able to do well, it’s tough … etc). The negative thoughts will lead to negative emotion and Law of Attraction says that all these will lead to negative results.

That means, in the end, they’ll get all the stuffs that they don’t want. Not because they are lazy or stupid but because they unconsciously use the Law of Attraction arranged divx download in a wrong way. They use the Law of Attraction

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to go against them. This is like slaughtering their knowledge throat.

So, I think that it is important to help them by working on their mind first which is the root of the problem. By working on the “inside”, the “outside” will take care of itself.

Besides educating them about the concept of the Law of Attraction, I also compile some techniques to help them to eliminate their stress.

Then it got me thinking. Since the Stress tips that I shared with them works for everybody, why not I share it with all my readers? That way, I can help more people by enhancing lives.

Here the link to the eliminate stress techniques or the stress tips my blue heaven dvdrip husbands and lovers divx download that could benefit you too.

I hope you find it useful and don’t forget to share your comment there (and here too) :)

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    • Nicole Price

      For me the way to eliminate stress is contained in the picture accompanying your post: I read. It is the best way to switch off and take the aerial route to some far away land and a far away problem.

    • Olivier @ brainwave meditation

      As a student, I had a lot of stress also. And indeed, that did not attract me many good things. I had the fortune to be a good student, but I am absolutely sure that if I would have been more relaxed, I would have had better grades.


    • raymond

      Hi Olivier,

      We were in the same boat. I wish I knew these stress management techniques earlier. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      Reading is absolutely a great way to reduce stress. However it also depends on what books we are reading.

      Personal development books work best for me and I have heaps of them. (Unread) :)

    • Shueqry

      Thanks Raymond,

      I’m looking for some tips to eliminate stress. Found it here, by coincidence!

      Maybe we should say, i’ve attracted them.


    • raymond

      Hi Shueqry,

      I’m glad that you found what you want here.

      At least I know that my time spent on writing the article is not wasted. :)

      The Law of Attraction often and always works. :)

    • dr hapizi

      stress is something that we should face, rather than avoid it, in everyday’s life

      to avoid stress is actually causing us to face a bigger one- in the future.

      so, to me, live at ’cause’ not at ‘effect’. meaning-always think that whatever happened in our life eg stress in workplace, it is caused by our actions. don’t blame others.this will make us more responsible and will not repeating the same mistakes

      i found that Silva meditation technique is the best, to alleviate stress.

    • raymond

      Hi Dr Hapizi,

      Thanks for sharing.

      Eliminating and suppressing the stress are two different things and it’s important to identify the difference between them.

    • Eva White

      My stress buster is dancing. Just blast the music and let yourself go.

    • raymond

      I love to use that method too but it also depends on my mood. Sometimes I prefer a quiet environment.

    • Mike

      sleep is my best option when im too stressed out.

    • raymond

      Hi Mike,

      If I have plenty of time, sleep helps.

      Otherwise, it causes more stress since I have to rush my work after I wake up. :)

    • Ella Walker

      one of the best things to incorporate with Stress Management is meditation and deep breating exercises….

      • raymond

        Hi Ella,

        I use that a lot. :)

    • sell used textbooks

      I have been working with my boyfriend on this. His job has him so stressed.

    • Emmanuel

      Fear is really a negative feeling which hurts the brain if allowed to persist. It can reduce one’s concentration and lower the rate of understanding. It makes one to find life boring and worrisome. It can instigate the feeling of anger and hatred. It fights against positive thought. Fear is as a result of distrust. Distrust which is not eliminated immediately could bring about fear. Fear is worst than HIV especially when one lives always in it. There should be a serious fight against this threat. No one deserves to live in it

      • raymond

        Hi Emmanuel,

        Thanks for the great comment. I do agree with you. :)

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