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I have a great opportunity to meet Keith last month. Now, you are probably wondering who Keith is.

If you read “Rich Dad, Poop Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki before, Keith is the Rich Dad in the book.

Yes! He is the one that taught Robert Kiyosaki about financial literacy.

I had an awesome conversation with him and of course I took this great opportunity take some photos with him and his wife.

Raymond with Keith and his wife

Raymond with Keith and his wife

After photoshoped

Raymond with Keith and his wife

Raymond with Keith and his wife

I learn a lot of things from him which then drove me to sign up for his coaching program and bought some of his material. I cost me a couple thousands of dollars but I think that it’s cheap compare to the fantastic amount of great information which may cost me millions of dollars if I were to learn it all by myself.

Okay, enough about me

One of the things that I learn from him personally is a technique to overcome your fear, which I’m going to share it here today. Although he used investing as an example, this technique is applicable for all kinds of fear in your life.

You can use this technique to eliminate the fear of public speaking, starting out a business, make an appointment, dating, literally anything!

This technique is so simple that anyone can do it. All you have to do is just to ask yourself

“Then what?”

Continuously and come out with an answer.

Let me demonstrate it.

Let’s say I want to ask a girl out for a date but the question that’s playing in my head is, what if she says no.

“Then what?”

Then, I’ll ask for the reason.

“Then what?”

(Let’s say the reason is because she don’t feel like going out with me)

Then, I’ll ask some of her close friends why she feels that way and what kind of person she likes to hang out with (due diligence)

“Then what?”

(Let’s assume that the reason is because she doesn’t like the smell of my cologne and my timid character)

Then, I’ll change the cologne or going out without cologne and change a little bit of my character.

“Then what?”

Then, she’ll go out with me.

“Then what?”

What if everything fails?

“Then what?”

Probably we’re not meant to be together.

“Then what?”

Find another girl that I resonate with. Maybe god wants to give me a better one. Who knows?

If you ask “Then what?” continuously, you’ll discover that most of the time, you don’t have to die by trying something new and you have nothing to lose.

Often times, we lose even more by not trying it.

Disclaimer: The above is just an example and it does not reflect my social life at all. :)

If you have a copy of mind movies, you can use it to eliminate your fear too by creating a mind movie that shows how brave you are in handling your life challenges. If you do not have it yet, get your mind movie software here.

Law of Attraction says that we attract what we think and feel. Imagine what you are attracting if you think and feel those stuffs that fears you. Better to nip the bud before it emerges into a big monster. Let me know what you think about this technique. I read every comment.

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    • Bruce Cigarettes

      Hey, Keith doesn’t look old enough to be Robert K’s dad! How does he stay so young looking? Maybe he should do some longevity coaching as well? You are so right about the Law of Attraction…you become what you think about the most! I wrestle with that demon every day.

      • raymond

        Yeah, these successful people (like Anthony Robbins, Keith, Joseph McClendon III) look young like they stop aging since few decades ago.

    • Rick

      I don’t care whether Keith is young or old… but i really appreciate his advice…. this is really going to help me out… as i have a college function in two weeks and i have to deliver a speech regarding the past 25 years of our college foundation… so its will surely help me out thanks for such a awesome post

      • raymond

        Hi Rick,

        I actually used this method to overcome some fears in the past few weeks and this simple little thing works like magic. Therefore, I’m sure it works for you too.

        All the best to you.

    • Tan

      Hi Raymond,

      First time commented on your blog ^_^” Just curious how do you get know that the Keith is the “rich dad” of Robert Kiyosaki?? I have been search for many sites long times ago but still could not identify the “rich dad” mentioned by Robert Kiyosaki ~_~”

      Best Regard

      • raymond

        Hi SoonVee,

        I met him through T Harv Eker and when Harv told me that he’s the rich dad. I’m surprised! I didn’t know it either though I listened to his audio many times before.

    • Acupuncture Tampa

      I think it’s really best method of eliminate fear. I will try to myself this method and it’s really unique. Thanks.

    • Lumineers Cost

      I never considered this approach, you absolutely want to face your fears if you intend to overcome them.

      • raymond

        Right. The only way to overcome your fear is to face it.

    • Nieruchomosci Gryfino

      Girlie thoughts are sometimes a little bit more complicated than something reasonable. You see girls are often using their intuition and feelings to describe world around them. If some girl doesn\’t want to hang out with you it means that she feels you are not right company for her. That may be hard truth, but lets face it – not everyone is using rational methods of getting friends or even someone more important.

      • raymond

        You’re right Nieruchomosci,

        Females are good in reading body language and that’s where some of their ‘intuitions’ come from.

    • Hypnosis Florida

      Good conversation about eliminate fear. Fear is the killer of your self confidence. I like your trick to eliminate fear. Thanks.

      • raymond

        You’re welcome, Hypnosis Florida.

    • used rv for sale

      how do i make the fear go away i am not scared to have a petdog but if i see and dog german sheped or any other mix breeds without the leash i get millions of scared an do i stop it.

      • raymond

        Hi Used rv for sale,

        The only way to eliminate the fear is to face it.

        I know it is easier to said than done but I have tried it many times and it always works for me.

    • used rv for sale

      Dogs only reacts if you show certain acts of agression or becasue of too much fear your body releases certain chemical that the dog could smell does might react, bark or attack you.

    • used rv for sale

      I am doing research on various fears. I would like to use the technical terms for all of the fears that I have in my paper. As an example the fear of enclosed spaces is claustrophobia. My question deals with two strange fears.

    • skin care

      Hi! Fear kill the confidence and hide the person with his qualities,so thanks for the post which alert me and make strength of mine.Keep up blogging and stay tune with us.

      • raymond

        Hi Suzen,

        You’re right. Fear has stopped many people from achieving their dreams.

    • Property Investors

      It\’s good to know how much we fear from the unexpected thing, once we know the reason, then there is not chance to get feared!

    • Jay Fairbanks

      I’d rather not think about my fear. In the case you mentioned above, I would just say it without thinking what she would say. Because if I think about it, or plan it, I would never do it.

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