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Welcome back, folks


, we touched a little bit about the applying Law of Attraction while setting your goals. I also said that most of the people are not so successful in reaching their goals mostly due to the lack of commitment.

Today, I"m going to go deeper into it.

Setting out goals is just the beginning of the end. However, a lot of people thought that they just have to set their goals and it"s done.

We actually would want to do some follow up steps. Let me share what I practice with you.

First of all, I want you to know that I set my goals not only during New Year Day but at anytime in a year whenever I feel I want to. So, do not limit yourself to set your goals only on the New Year Day.

After I set my goals, I would go to my computer and open my manifestation software bugs bunny s 3rd movie 1001 rabbit tales divx to add on the Law of Gratitude and Law of Love elements and it will generate a perfect phrase for me.

The Screenshot of the software

The screenshot of the software

(The software will even help you out even if you do not know what you really want. That"s pretty amazing, huh) watch breakfast on pluto in divx

I will then print it out and paste it on my vision wall

melody free download

near my bed where I can see them before I go to bed and after I wake up.

I visualize the goal twice a day with strong intention and positive emotion until I reach the goal. The last time I set my goal was 2 days ago.

Best of luck. ;)

P.S. I will send out my Goal Setting Tips ebook to all my subscribers (for free) once the number of comment of this month reaches 100. So, if you are not yet my subscribers, subscribe now by filling up the form at the top left corner of this blog and remember to leave a comment. :)

I will also give out another mystery gift for the top commentator. ;)

Happy posting and commenting

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    • Dining Room Tables

      That is a very interesting way to keep your goals in mind all the time. You are quite right that goals can be set any time at all and stay on the live list till the goals are reached.

      All the best to you.

    • Travel Betty

      Looking forward to your report. I sure hope enough people comment. :)

    • Pingback: Do I have to Change My Goal When the Environment Change | Law of Attraction

    • raymond

      Hi Travel Betty,

      I’m sure it will reach soon. We are almost there. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thank you for your wishes and all the best to you too. :)

    • Simple Weight Loss Tips

      Your ebook sounds like a great read. Goal-setting is certainly something a lot of us need to implement.

    • raymond

      Hi Simple Weight Loss Tips,

      First of all, it’s not my ebook but it’s really great to read. (at least for me)

      I just endorse or recommend this ebook to my readers and of course I won’t forget to put my affiliate link. :)

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