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That"s what Anthony Robbins said in his seminar in Singapore last week.

He stressed on the importance of focus. Without focus, your dreams and goals will be as good as nothing. In the previous post, I have illustrated how a dream died without focus. But, that"s for kids.

How about for adults?

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When I crewed at the seminar, as I looked at the crowd of over 5000 audiences, something came across my mind. It is a feeling that more than 99% of those attendees will forget what they learned here within a month. Does this ring your bell?

You will agree with me if you have attended a seminar or seminars before. The commitment, anticipation, the energy, the dreams, the goals will fade away.

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The key is, there is no focus. During motivation or self-help seminar, audiences are often told to write down their dreams and goals and the deadline, what they need to do to achieve them and other stuffs.

For the moment, they are pretty clear of their goals (hopefully) and they have the momentum to move forward to achieve them all. They feel that they are unstoppable. (and indeed – at the particular moment)

The speakers give them all the courage. They shout out their dreams out loud, they dance, they “YES!”, they “YEAH!”, they massage the person who sit on their left, then on their right, they give the person around them warm hugs, they greet each other … etc.

The energy level has broken the roof. The whole room or hall is filled with love, energy, momentum, commitment and basically everything that you need to success.

Everybody thinks that they can do it (whatever they want to be), they can achieve their goals.

Wait! Wait!

But what happen after the seminar?

Measure the energy level again. How much has it dropped?

Things come back to the square. Everything falls back to its original state.

All these happen and continue to happen because of lacking of LASER TARGETED FOCUS!

During the seminar, people tend to get focus to what they want and what they want to be but after the seminar, they lost their focus. As the result they find themselves lost in the dark again.

Energy flows where focus goes. When we focus, the energy will flow to you and this energy is responsible to help you to manifest your goals. I will elaborate this in the coming post. When you focus, you attract.

However, when you lost your focus, the massive amount of energy which is on its way to you, disperse and go elsewhere.

I"ll continue to solution to this problem tomorrow. Stay tune!

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    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      Nicely illustrated :)

      Most people go to seminar to “enjoy”. They sit back, relax and listen. That’s it. You get the initial high then some goodness for the next few days and by the 3rd week, most of what was said is lost.

      Can’t wait for your solution tomorrow :)


    • raymond

      That did happen to me too. I can’t really recall what I have learned in WIS last year. :)

      But the people I met have help me a lot until today. That’s the power of networking :P

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      I’m new here still trying to understand about the LOA. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful info.
      Here I would like to share what I know please correct me if I’m wrong. Does the term “Where the Minds goes the Energy follows” similar as quoted above. The Minds did not focus due to the goals written not interesting enough, exciting enough, daring enough, adventurous enough to keep you going. Energy flows where focus goes, the secret here it attract things pls focus what you want not what you do not want. The rest leave it to the subconcious like a search engines it will attract things that you focus. Raymond, am I right, don’t know much as I’m still learning.
      By the way it being said that 85% of people don’t set goals for themselves, and of the 15% who do, only 5% write them down? What do you think? More comments, see you soon.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I would like to thank you for your comment.

      The term “Where the Minds goes the Energy follows” is indeed the same as the the phrase quote above.

      You just point out one of the most important things which is, we need to write our goals interesting enough so that it will give us continuous motivation to achieve it. :)

      “The rest leave it to the subconcious like a search engines it will attract things that you focus”
      That’s a very funny analogy but it’s quite true. I like that. :)

      Thanks for sharing the numbers too.

      Please come again and drop more comments.

    • Liara Covert

      Great points Raymond. I read somewhere that people tend to spend more time, effort and resources planning for the annual festive holiday dinner in December than they spend planning or focusing on the rest of their lives. Focus may be a question of priorities.

    • raymond

      Hi Liara,

      I agree with you. I think I heard that in one of the business opportunity meeting organized by one of a local direct selling companies.

      Sad but true. :) (for most people)

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    • zaki blogjer

      This can be related to IM. When you’re losing focus, your effort so far building your empire will fade away such as less earning, page rank drop, less visitor and many more. Sometime, it seems like the SE is not attracted to that web anymore.

      Could it be the SE such as google was designed with LOA in mind, where their ‘bot’ will attracted to those websites which has more energy? Probably.. but this is just my thought

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      We can indeed attract the Google bot but indirectly.

      When you focus on something, the flow of energy may give you some ideas or intuition (in the form of keywords). You put the powerful keywords down to your website and that keywords attract and google bot and thus increase your ranking.

      See, it starts from the energy. :P

      Law of Attraction always works and never fail. :)

    • Dik Mal

      I love to read more regarding this Raymond. I think you did a good job, by make it simple as you can. And everybody now could understand it.. perfect..

    • raymond

      Hi Dikmal,

      Thank you very much for your compliment.

      It’s always nice to see you here. :)

      I really hope that this article can make my readers understand the concept of the energy.

      I hope you benefit from it. :)

    • Gloria Hamilten

      Hello Raymond,

      What a marvellous posting.

      Not having focus is like a plane without a flight plan, or a ship without directional equipment.

      I’ve expereinced what it’s like not to stay focused and it can take months and months to get back on track.

      Loosing focus creeps up on you covertly, that’s where the real danger lies.

      Keep up the great work here – you inspire us with excellent material.



    • raymond

      Hi Gloria,

      I second that. It may seem hard at first but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. :)

      I’m glad that this post inspired you. Thanks for your compliment. With all these energies from you folks, I’ll keep on going at faster pace.

      Warmest regards,

    • Randi

      I’ve been following you blog for a month or so now and have been amazed at what has happened personally and in my business. I’ve had more opportunities present themselves to showcase my handcrafted jewelry on and offline (I’ve even had to decline because of date conflicts), sales have increased and there is no end in sight.

      Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! :)


    • raymond

      Hi Randi,

      I’m glad that you’re one of the loyal readers. I really happy to hear that the knowledge serves you well.

      Besides, I appreciate your comment too. It motivates me to keep on writing. :)

      To our success,

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    • DamionKutaeff

      Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity,
      and wish to assit as far as possible.

    • raymond

      Hi Damion,

      Welcome to the Law of Attraction Community.

      I’m very glad to have you here. :)

    • Heartland Energy Development Corporation

      Good suggestions. They are very helpful.


    • raymond

      HI Laura,

      Glad that it helps. See you around. :)

    • Rebecca Wolf

      I just went to a conference 6 months ago and it has been very difficult for me to maintain my focus on the goals I set there. I have found that setting aside time once a week to review my goals and plan each day out for the coming week has been very helpful. I still fall off the wagon sometimes, but I love the way you talk about energy.

      “Energy flows where focus goes. When we focus, the energy will flow to you and this energy is responsible to help you to manifest your goals. However, when you lost your focus, the massive amount of energy which is on its way to you, disperses and goes elsewhere.”

      Thank you for reminding me that energy is intimately linked with focus.

      • raymond

        Hi Rebecca,

        You’re most welcome.

    • Amy Smith

      For me too.I experienced that.I can’t remember what was discussed.Thank you for emphasizing that energy always link with focus to achieve goals.

    • Jay Ingersoll Rand

      I totally agree with your article. When you are focused, positive energy will flow through your body, thus helping you to accomplish things easily. Once positive energy flows into your body, you’ll start feeling happy and you can move on to a better future ahead. “A positive idea will lead to success”
      Thanks again and more power

      • raymond

        You’re right, Jay.
        May good energy always flows with you.

    • Colocation

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Lately I have had a hard time focusing and because of that my energy towards certain projects goes right out the window. I need to find a way to get my focus and attention back. Cause right now it’s killing my productivity.

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