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In life, nothing is stagnant. Everything is changing. People are born, grow old and die everyday. Nobody and I really mean nobody, can stay the same forever.

At the very time you read this, new cells are being produced in your body, millions of cells are growing and the old cells die off. No single cell can live and stay the same forever!

People may look the same physically over time, but their heart, feelings, emotion, knowledge may have changed.

That’s life, my friend.

There are only 2 possibilities of change. It is either change to the better or to the worse.

In another words, the changes may evolve or dissolve you. But the good thing is, you have the control over it. It’s your choice. You can choose to evolve or dissolve yourself.

Let me give you an example: download music and lyrics

Two employees in the same company are facing the same situation. Both of them got fired. Not because of their poor performance but it’s because the company they are working with decided to shut down their department.

So, the change begins. Employee A begins to think of the way out. He finds and investor and starts out a small business with the skills he has. Within a short time, he shifts himself from an employee to a business owner without any money out of his pocket and make 3 times more money than his previous job.

On the other hand, employee B spends his days blaming his boss for shutting down the department he was working in and do nothing about his life other than blaming. (a good example of victim)

As you can see, employee A chooses to evolve while the employee B lets his life dissolve.

Changes do happen in our lives but we are the one who determine the end result. Evolve or dissolve.

The Law of Attraction is working all the time in our lives (Whether you believe it or not) and we are the one that choose if we want the result of the manifestation evolve or dissolve us. Agree? Come on. Share your opinion with me.donnie darko dvd download download feast superman returns download

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    • Dining Room Tables

      I would just add one small comment. The first one is not better than the second. Nor the second worse than the first. They are both different from each other. If I as an observer can bring about that kind of non judgmental approach to life, my own life will be one of calm and peace.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Your words make me start thinking.

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. :)

    • womens cufflinks

      I think is is analoguos to Positive or Negative thinking. But decisions made that eventually either make us evolve or dissolve, are actually very affected by plenty of external factors that surrounds a person.

    • Top Rated

      One of my favorite quotes goes something like “Life is 10% things that happens to you, and 90% how you react to those things”. Kind of just backs up what you said.

    • raymond

      Hi Top Rated,

      Thanks for sharing that. How true is that.

    • raymond

      Hi Women cufflinks,

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thought. :)

    • clone scripts

      It is good that we all can adapt to changes and evolve ourselves into it. There’s no point to look back and blame the past. More importantly is to move on with our lives, look ahead and plan your future!

    • raymond

      Hi Clone,

      We can’t change the history but we can change the future. :)

    • large wall mirrors

      Yes everything is changed and yet it’s true that we can’t change history. Just live life to the fullest!

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