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Dear readers,

Today, I"m going to share something about mind power with you. As I have shared with you, alpha state is a state where the frequency of our brain drops to 7-14 beats per second.

So What?

Imagine that you can read people"s mind, just as easy as reading a novel. Imagine of you, wishing for a vacant parking lot and it just appear right before your eyes and all you have to do is just turning your steering wheel and park your car in the empty space.

You can materialize almost everything when your brainwave drops into alpha state.

Imagine that you are extremely tired and all you have to do is just slip in the toilet and put yourself in deep alpha state for 10 minutes. You can be sure that you"ll come out from the toilet feeling energetic and ready to charge for your next task or activity.

If you are a alpha state practitioner, you can know what a person is going to say even before they say it and you can sense who is calling in when the telephone is ringing before you pick up the phone IF you can master this technique.

You can literally focus on anything and you"ll get it. That"s the Law of Attraction. You can attract everything with your mind using your mind power provided that you are using the correct state of mind (Alpha State).

So far, I have never heard of the downside or the side effect of being in the Alpha state

. In fact, dropping into and Alpha state is a part of nature. We are in the alpha state when we are day dreaming, too focus on computer games of watching TV.

The only problem is that most of the time, we have no control over our day-dream and you will be rewarded handsomely if you can master the technique of being in the alpha state watch hard way the in divx bag boy dvd

and still have the control over what you want to focus on.

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    • shueqry

      Good article :)

      I’ve through that moment before, i sense my mother will call me (after that she really called me) and i can sense other people’s emotion and word right berfore they talk to me.

      I believe in miracles.

      Its a psychic sort of thing, but when we meditate everyday, we can develop this power unconciously. Just be in Alpha state all day long (its not easy to do it!).


    • raymond

      Hi Shueqry,

      That’s really cool isn’t it.

      I love to have these kinds of magical experience. I always drops into alpha state unintentionally and very often, people around me would ask me who am I talking to and all I can do is just puzzled and say, “nothing” :)

      I always thought that I am always abnormal and suffering from certain disease until I learn about alpha state. :D

    • Liara Covert

      I love alpha thinking! You can use it to intend a parking spot, and to invite positive things and people into your life. As you say, it all begins upstairs, in your mindset!

    • raymond

      Hi Liara,

      I miss you so much.

      From your comment, I can say that you have attracted plenty of good things into your life using your mind power.

      I’m not left behind too. :)

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    • rpg games

      Great article! It’s not because most people say something is impossible that it is! Didn’t we believe for thousand of years that the Earth was flat? I think it’s part of the game and the the brain is a lot lot more powerful then what we use it for right now! I love your website, i think everyone can improve.. if only we have faith in ourselves!

    • raymond

      Hi rpg games,

      Thanks for the kind words. :)

      We can always break our beliefs whenever we want.

      We choose what we want to believe.

    • Moonfish

      I agree about alpha state, I had little success with the Law of Attraction until I started using brainwave entrainment to meditate and to get into alpha. I get into alpha for at least an hour each day during that time I create software to achieve my goals. For example, I wanted a holiday in Spain so I made that my goal and created a product which provided the money I needed. Alpha makes me very creative and filled with innovative ideas.

      Alpha is indeed the missing link in the Law of Atrtraction

    • raymond

      Hi Moonfish,

      Alpha state is indeed very powerful.

      I do my affirmation and visualization daily in my alpha state. :)

    • Olivier @ brainwave meditation

      Going consciously to the alpha state is precisely the aim of meditation. That is why it is so important to practise these kind of skills. We need to train our minds to do this by meditating daily

    • raymond

      Hi Olivier,

      There are plenty of overt benefits of being in the alpha state. It helps to unleash the potential within us.

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