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Historical inflation, using data from (pre-1913: McCusker study; post-1913: CPI) 1666 - 2004Image via Wikipedia

kramer vs kramer download

download stormbreaker dvdrip Lately, we are bombarded with news like the rise of the oil price, the rise of the food price and it seems like everything is getting more and more expensive.

Oil is the fuel for transportation and everything needs to be transported from one place to another. We, no longer do everything by ourselves. Mass production is not a new thing for us. igor online

Thus, when oil price increase, every other things follow.

Not only that. People are talking about it day and night and it seems like the energy of the vibration is high. I do not watch, read nor listen to news from radio and TV, yet the news still reach my ears. That’s the power of mouth.

Look, no body wants inflation. But, do you realize that when people are talking about the inflation, talking about things are getting expensive or talking about how hard the life can be, they are actually put more energy to the inflation.

And when we think and feel the inflation, guess what we are going to get out of it? Exactly! It’s inflation.

Let’s face it. We can not avoid accident if we keep talking about it because we are actually putting our energy into it. So, according to the Law of Attraction, the accident must happen because it’s the effect of the thoughts and emotion we have put out.

The same goes to the inflation. When you are thinking about things are getting more expensive and how hard the life can be that’s what you are going to get more out of it.

You might get bad deals, get con or facing other negative situations.

Energy goes where attention goes.

If you want to avoid or at least decrease the inflation, focus on other things else. Don’t give it anymore energy.

Let’s focus on good deal or quality product with cheap price. Go shopping and play some game. Try to notice some cheap merchandise and say it to yourself, “Wow! This is cheap” instead of investigating how high the price has hike.

When you begin to shift your focus, you’ll notice that good deals will begin to come to you.

Remember to use the Law of Attraction

to serve you and not to harm you. :)

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    • Cozmo

      “Energy goes where attention goes.”
      I need to remember that. A few minor problems add up to a lot of worry and next thing I know I’m all stressed out and sometimes forget why. I’ve tried to start only worrying about things I can actually change.

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    • raymond

      Hi Cozmo,

      Cool! You learn something today. :)

    • ANNE

      Thinking makes it so

    • raymond

      Hi Anne,

      That’s true. :)

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    • Dining Room Table

      Timely and good advise, even for seasoned old veterans like me! Thank you.

    • Ami

      It’s a good attitude adjustment. Permanent change will happen a little bit at a time. Keep it coming :-)

    • Hai Liang

      Yeah this is absolutely right. In Malaysia, when the govt increased price to RM2.70 per litre, everyone immediately go and jam the petrol station for a few hours to fill up one last time before the new price takes effect.

      One of the readers on my site who had attended the recent MMI was commenting how much unproductive time was wasted just to save a few tens of Ringgit.

      Actually we learned this in The Secret but I honestly forgot about it…that is why it is good advice to stay with like minded company to keep helping each other to do the right thing. So let us think that we have good deals all the time!

      Wow Raymond, you really stop reading, watching and listening to news?

    • Nicole Price

      I know i am no one to talk, but now is the time to cut down on all the unnecessary items in life. Leading a simple life, you can clear out a lot of useless clutter in your life and make it more streamlined.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Phew! Glad that you love it. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      That must be a long queue. I’m sure it effects the traffic badly.

      I’d rather spend my time to do some productive things like reading my books than to read, listen or watch the news which is fill with negative energy.

      If there’s anything important, people will come and tell me. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      That’s right. The clutter messed up our mind.

      Start cleaning today!

    • raymond

      Hi Ami,

      A little adjustment a day can make a huge impact in the long run. :)

    • Eva White

      So now lets all start thinking that oil is abundant and cheap. hope it really works out that way!

    • raymond

      Hi Eva,

      You better believe it will. ;)

    • Yus

      hi raymond
      I’ve been reading about this mind setting..
      It is true, when u re focusing on -ve influance, ur body become weak.but if u re focusing on +ve elemnts, we feel energetic…

    • raymond

      Hi Yus,

      It is interesting to watch how our body respond to the thought we have in us.

      If we can control our thoughts, we absolutely can control our body and action.

    • Mazda Durham

      its all in the mind!! just remember to always look at things in not just one angle but many angles…

    • raymond

      Hi Mazda,

      We really should look at things at many ‘positive’ angles. ;)

    • Ron

      Yeah we should do that. And try to look the other angles

    • raymond

      Hi Ron,

      Thanks for the comment. Most people overlook that.

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