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I"m sure that you will agree with me if I say that the Mother Nature is one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen. However many take if for granted. Instead of protecting the mother earth, they destroy it.

As a result, we have lesser and lesser beauty to enjoy or pass to our next generation.

Personally, the beauty of nature has brought a great amount of joy, peace and calmness into my life. I am so happy and grateful now that there"s a huge beautiful garden near my house which is just 5 minutes walk away from my house.

Though it"s a man made, but it serves as a place for me to find the peace of mind after staring at my laptop for long hours. (Don"t get me wrong. I"m still feeling grateful for my laptop because it helps me a lot on my work)

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What could be better than walking or jogging in the beautiful garden with my mp3 or mp4 playing the binaural beat audios linewatch free or some motivational talk? Life"s just great!

Here"s the point. To save the Mother Nature, you must first be grateful of what we already have. The expression of the gratitude will draw or attract more and abundance of beauty to you. That"s the Law of Attraction

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Here"s a music video playing, “What A Wonderful World karate kid the dvdrip ”. Just to share with you some of the beauties of nature.

What about you? How do you feel grateful to the beauty of the nature? Are there any beautiful places you want to share or recommend us? Come on, share with me.

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    • Andrew Reynolds

      Nature is one of the greatest gift that God has given to human, and it’s our responsibility to take care of it and not to destroy. But it’s so sad to see today that nature were abused by other people. We still have time to protect and preserve our mother nature. So, why don’t you do it now?!

    • Dining Room Tables

      This is one of my all time favorite songs. What it conveys is difficult to appreciate in today’s concrete jungles except if one takes the time off to visit parks and gardens and perhaps grows a small garden in his balcony.

      You will automatically feel gratitude if you simply notice the beauty of nature,listen to the wind in the branches, see the leaves wave, watch the eagles soar and listen to the crickets and birds. There indeed is a lot to be grateful for if only we would pay attention and be aware of our surroundings.

    • raymond

      Hi Andrew,

      That’s true. If we do not preserve our mother nature now, we’ll be in deep trouble very soon.

      The mother nature has given its feedback to us by causing several disasters.

      If we ignore that signal, we better be prepare.

    • Rose

      Hey Raymond,
      That’s a beautiful Jazz song though he is a famous trumpet player. Thanks for sharing the videos looking at it and the pictures enough to make you in Alpha state. There are many kind of Jazz music this is the many that I like listening.
      Yeah, if only we stop being “G” guess what’s that mean. Mother nature with remain as beautiful as ever. Hey, how about the ocean I love see the ocean among many beauties of nature. What more with the lyric… can the ocean stop from running to the shore it’s just impossible ….cont’d then it you know the song. Think critically then why ocean.
      By the way seeing the video remind me of another way getting into Alpha state by visualizing in image. Will elaborate more see you in another post. Thanks again for sharing the music video, “What A Wonderful World” it’s just my favourite.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      I love the song too.

      I have to walk to the park in order to enjoy the beauty of nature.

      However, I try to create the environment by putting lots of green plants and flower pots in my house, aquarium and a small water fountain (but it’s not as good as the natural one) just to create the view and the sound I wanted.

      I want to get closer to the nature too.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Yeah, listening to the sound produce by nature can lead us to the alpha state too.

      That explains why the ancient people meditate at the top of the hill where there is no disturbance and surrounded by the sound of nature.

    • Rose

      Hey Raymond,
      You got it, sorry, here some correction can the ocean keep from rushing to the shore it’s just impossible. He..hee..I’ve overlooked.
      Here some additional about beauties of nature about cloud. Look at the different types of cloud. The wispy ‘Mares’tails’ usually mean fine weather. Fluffy ‘Cumulus’ clouds, which look like cotton wool, will mean fine weather if there are small or showers if they are large and grey. Huge patches or ‘blankets’ of grey or white cloud (‘Stratus’ cloud) usually mean rain. Hmm… if I’m not mistaken there are 10 names of cloud. It’s just beautiful seeing the cloud never thought they got names. CU.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I prefer cumulus out of all. :)

    • zaki blogjer

      Aaah, this song, remind me of one TV ads quite sometime ago.

      Nice song and I like it very much, especially on baby part, seeing them sleep, very harmony, no interruption, no problem

    • raymond

      Hey Zaki,

      It rings with me too. I know which ads you are referring too. ;)

    • AliceIacuzzo

      Yes, you are absolutely right, at least for me, I always walk with my husband in North Lake Park (I know you will not know this). It will be much better to say we are enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty rather than a free walk. It makes me become more tolerant, you know, which is helpful in my busy work! Due to this beauty, I am and will live much better!!!!

      • raymond

        Hi Alice,

        Yeah, you’re right. I don’t know the place. :)

        Thank you for sharing your experience with us. The beauty of mother nature always put me in the relaxation state and I do really enjoy it. :)

    • large wall mirrors

      I’m so blessed that here in country we still see beautiful things. I’m so happy to live with them. The musice video was amazing too!

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