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Fake It till You Make It

September 24, 2008 | 17 Comments

what i received download jackal the Image by McBeth via FlickrBefore I go into today’s topic of discussion, I would like to make an announcement.

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Okay, end of announcement. Let’s read the article …

Most people living their lives based on the sequence have-do-be. They’ll usually wait until they have what they need before they start doing or taking the action to be who they want to be.

For example, if the person wants to be successful, he’ll wait until all the opportunities, tools and knowledge to show up on the right time before he can begin to take the necessary action to become successful.

This sequence is guaranteed to FAIL!

Imagine eating an apple before you even plant the apple tree.

It’s like putting the cart before the horse. WRONG SEQUENCE!

If you want to be successful, you must REVERSE the order which is have-do-be.

You must act as if you already have what you want. This is extremely important because it creates a self image that you wanted. When you have the self-image, you’ll do what it takes to fit and match your self image. Then only you’ll have what you want.

Have you ever seen a smoker struggling in the process of giving up their smoking habit? Why? Because they are playing the game of life in the wrong sequence.

If they want to give up smoking, they must first create the right self-image for themselves. If their self image is still a smoker, nothing will change. Even if they made it, the old habit will come back as fast as it goes. Why? Because the self-image still remains as a smoker.

However, if they change the self-image to a non-smoker, they’ll begin to see themselves as a non-smoker (be). A non-smoker doesn’t smoke. The self-image will make them do what it takes to fit in the image (do)

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The result? They’ll finally lead a healthy life (have).

This simple sequence applies for every area of your life and that’s Law of Attraction. We believe in ourselves that we can and must achieve something (you fill in the blank). We visualize our goals everyday.

Then we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. If you don’t know the way, don’t worry, because when you believe it, the way will come to you naturally. All you have to do is to take the first step and the next step will show up.

Finally, when the result shows, you’ll have whatever you always wanted. The Law of Attraction isn’t that hard, huh. You should try that if you have not.

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    • Arts Musings

      “Fake it till you make it” used to be my mantra long before the Law of Attraction became mainstream. Faking it is really just another way of ‘acting as if”. Acting as if likely means you’re visualizing having/doing/being what it is you want. It also means you’re taking action on your goals/dreams. And that my friends, is the Law of Attraction in action!

      Great post!

    • raymond

      Hi Art Musings,

      That’s a great mantra to follow. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      Did you know that all the twelve step programs for de-addiction, address non believers that they can fake belief till they can really see the results of prayer, or handing over the addiction to a higher power? It is very effective!

    • raymond

      The Power of Belief is huge.

      There was once a kid froze to death in a freezer that is NOT connected to the electricity just because he believes that the freezer was working.

    • Dining Room Tables

      What a story! Where do you get this one from? Unbelievable!!

    • raymond

      From one of the audios from Dr Robert Anthony called the Power of Deliberate Creation.

      I’m still thinking of introducing the program to my subscribers and readers because I think the program is really good for those who are interested in the laws of the universe and how we, as a human can leverage on those laws and power.

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    • Law Magazine Blogger

      Faking it is really just another way of ‘acting as if”.
      Great post!

    • raymond

      Hi Law Magazine Blogger,

      Thanks. :)

    • Warsaw Indiana Realty

      Thank you for sharing a good story. Great post.

    • raymond

      Thanks for the comment. :)


      Yes, yes, yes – that really works :) I discovered it with my habit, which me myself, and, of course, my parents and educators thought to be harmful. Daydreaming, that is. I discovered later, that all things, I repeatedly imagined happening to me or with me, happened for real! And sometimes even the slightest details corresponded with my dreams and imaginations :) That really really works, people :)

    • raymond

      Hi votethelady,

      People around me think that faking is bad and causes a lot of disappointment too but I just ignore them.

      Only those who feel the magical experience can understand it. :)

    • Don

      You’re absolutely right that we must deal with self image first. So the sequence we must follow is be-do-have. That’s a good idea in a very concise form!

    • raymond

      Hi Don,

      That’s absolutely right.

      We MUST see it in our mind first before we can hold it in our hand.

    • Property Investors

      You are correct, we donot need to wait until we will succeed.

      • raymond

        Hi Andrew, that’s true.

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