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“Fear is the anticipation of PAIN!” – T Harv Eker

You would agree with me if I say that fear is one of the negative feelings that keeps you away from your success. It plays a very important role in creating your self limiting belief.

The more you feel the fear, the more you are going to attract it into your life. That is one of the reasons why knowing and believing in the Law of Attraction free don t look now movie download

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Do this simple exercise. Grab a piece of paper and draw 3 columns. In the first column, list out all your fears. In the second column, write down the worse thing(s) that might happen if they come true. And in the last column, write down every possible solution.

Reality check:

95% of the fears you have listed would not come true!

Can you believe that?

Most of the fears we created are WRONG!

Still doubt the figure above?

Let’s do an experiment.?

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Do you feel fear when you see a snake?

Do you feel fear when you see a cockroach?

Do you feel fear when you speak in public?

Do you feel fear when you stand in a high places?

Do you feel fear when you see an accident?

Do you feel fear when you see blood?

Do you feel fear when you are alone?

When you feel fear of what stated above, what are the chances it really happens to you?

Most of the time we fear about the things that never really happen but we imagine it in our mind.

One of the popular acronyms for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

How true is that?

I’ll share more about fear tomorrow because I think it is important. If you dress yourself with the wrong emotion, you are going to pull in the wrong stuffs. The Law of Attraction is always working, my friend. Till then.

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    • Dining Room Tables

      Great post Raymond. I look forward to its sequel tomorrow. In the meanwhile, here is an appropriate quotation that may inspire you.
      “In life we don’t get what we want, we get in life what we are. If we want more, we have to be able to be more, in order to be more, you have to face rejection.” Farrah Gray.

      Fear of ‘rejection’ is what drives most people to distraction!

    • tv brackets

      Fear can be a large controlling force in your life! For years I worked a job I hated out of fear of losing the insurance on my kids. One day I took the leap, and I have been so much happier ever since. Yeah, there were times that were tough on the family, but there really is no such thing as security so my fear of un-security was pointless.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for sharing the quotes. That’s very interesting and it feeds my thought. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Tv Brackets,

      Thanks for sharing that. I experienced the same too (but not about the insurance). The results has served me well for years and I am always proud of the life changing decision I have taken. :)

    • Tomas

      Wow. I have enjoyed over “Fear is the anticipation of PAIN!” greatly. Thank you for the sharing of the wonderful quote.
      The truth needs no comments.
      However, let me share some thoughts.
      While the fear is anticipation of pain, the pain puts in the readiness to receive the comfort and such way the fear starts the awesome transformation that life creates in us. The gratitude makes the incurables the giants. Wow.

      Thank you

    • raymond

      HI Tomas,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I tried to relate it to the Pain and Pleasure concept and it makes so much sense. :)

    • Guy Cohen

      I agree with you, fear is a big hindrance to one’s success! Most people are afraid to take the risk afraid they might get hurt if they try. So they just let the opportunities pass. Those who are not afraid to face their fears, are people who will surely be become successful in life.

    • raymond

      Hi Guy Cohen,

      True! Fear is like a barrier that blocks our success. :)

    • Nicole Price

      Fantastic post Raymond. I am personally in the process of overcoming a couple of fears that are preventing me from achieving my goals. Your post was an eyeopener.

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      Thank you for your compliment and encouragement. You made my day!

      I sincerely hope that it will benefit you.

    • décor mirrors

      I do agree with you that fear is one great rule of a failure. We must believe in ourselves and always think positive. Great post!

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