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Going Fast By Going Slow

December 11, 2007 | 6 Comments

Good day to all my fellow attractors,

We are living in the “fast” world today where we want everything really fast.

We have fast food, computers, machines, communication tools which are able to bring your message across the globe at the speed of light, we want to travel fast, we want to work faster, we want to do everything fast and so on and so forth.

However, do you really take some time to slow down and think of what life"s all about? Are lives mean to be fast or slow or moderate or a mixture of all? download winterset

Too often, we do things too fast that we don"t take the time to slow down or stop to think about it.

Only a small proportion of the people in this world really know what they want in their lives while others, they just run around as fast as they could but do not know where they want to go.

So, today, I would like to suggest you to slow down to think and ponder about your life for a while. Ask yourself, what do you really want in your life? How you want to feel about your life before your last breath?

As we know, the Law of Attraction

georgia rule download free is working all the time. It"s such a waste that we don"t use the law properly to enhance our lives. I mean, how you are going to attract good things into your life if you don"t know what you want.

Don"t be surprise if I tell you that over 80% of the people on this planet do not have goals for their future. They just go with the flow and “hope” that everything will work out fine for them.

So, I don"t want you just to come to my blog, read my articles, think that it"s good and then forget about it after 2 hours (or maybe less than that).

I want to make this blog a place to change people"s lives. I want you to apply what you have learned here and change you life and write me an email to tell me how your life changed because of reading some of my articles and take action to turn your life around positively.

That would be the greatest satisfaction for my hard work. At least I"m spending my time for something useful and wisely. And I will feel much happier if you can take the knowledge and help at least 3 people around you and teach them to pay it forward.

So, by going slow and take the time to plan and think of your goals and what you want to achieve in your life, you will go fast in your life naturally once the goals or the blueprint has set because the universe will help you to manifest the blueprint of your life.for love or money dvdrip download

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    • Zul

      How true. Thanks Raymond for sharing this.

      Another example here is money. Where money is concerned, people want it… and want it fast. The emotional attachment (or greed) to money drives people to ignore the effort part and always look for fast solution.

      As such, they become victims to get rich quick schemes, illegal investments and so on. I see quite a number of local online schemes operating here in Malaysia, and sadly to say, they seem to attract people who become an easy pray.

      We sow first, reap later. Not the other way round.

    • raymond

      Hi Zul,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Those who are looking for shortcut are going slow by going fast. They ended up slower than where they were in the beginning.

      That’s why we need time to lay out some strategies so that we can go fast to reach for our dreams by following the strategies. :)

    • Grace

      When we slow down, and think about what we want, another good exercise is to ask ourselves “what is the belief that is keeping this from me?”

      I have had some wonderful insights from this simple question.


    • raymond

      Hi Grace,

      Thank you for sharing your comment.

      Asking the question is another method. :)

    • law of attraction

      hi raymond

      I know about this … here you just try to say
      “A tortoise can win a race with Rabbit” Loll

    • raymond

      That’s a fairy tale version. :)

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