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How are you feeling today? I hope that you are happy, healthy and excited all the time. I am so excited that I’ll be going to attend the Guerilla Business Intensive seminar


It’s a 5-day seminar by T Harv Eker and I expect to gain tons of awesome knowledge which I can and will apply it to my life and businesses.

One of Harv’s business principles is to make a huge promise and overdeliver on that download cinderella ii dreams come true divx

back to the future part iii dvd

.(He usually likes to yell when he says this) That’s very cool!

I apply this single principal in my own business and that’s how it ignites the word of mouth chain reaction and thus doubled my business.

One of my friends said that his Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar alone worths more than double the price of the ticket.

I believe that this Guerilla Business Intensive will give me another boost to skyrocket my income.

So, this is also an announcement that I’ll be away for the next one week. However, I will still try to make some posting and reply to comments whenever possible (even though it’s unlikely since I won’t be carrying my laptop everywhere this time. That means no more blogging in the seminar hall and in the train)

I have just come across to an interesting article by a friend of mine, Corrine. It’s about the future of this earth and how she believes we should handle the future. You can read it here.

I hope you enjoy Corrine’s article.

I’m looking forward to share what I will learn with you wherever possible (if it’s not against the copyright)

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    • Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      My girlfriend, her sister and brother-in-law, my sister and a few friends are going to S’pore today to attend the same seminar!

      I hope you guys meet up in the seminar somehow, ha ha. This is really great. Hope you enjoy your training!

      Hai Liang

    • Dining Room Table

      How do you find the time Raymond?

    • Nicole Price

      Guerilla Business Intensive seminar sounds very interesting. Tell us all about it when you get back.

    • Eva White

      The name of the seminar sounds really intense. So what exactly are you to do there? Must share what all happens.

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      Let me know what their name is and I’ll try to “aware” of their presence. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      I cancelled my businesses to squeeze out the time and I believe that it worths it.

      And today (the third day of the seminar) I’m glad that I made the right choice. I was blown away by what I have learned.

      I can’t wait to apply them in my business.

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole and Eva,

      You can believe what I have learned here. They are all real life practical success knowledge and models.

      Not a bunch of theory. I can’t wait to share it with you folks. :)

    • Bluetooth

      Excellent opportunity to learn golden principles to succeed in busieness indeed! These five days can really change a person in doing efective business. Also you get lots of things to learn in life as well! I feel Discipline is a very significant aspect for any business to prosper!

    • Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      Sorry didn’t see your post earlier…everyone left S’pore already. All those I know couldn’t stop talking about how great GBI was and how many ideas they have in improving and expanding their business!

      My girlfriend is on the way back and will share on how to build our IM business.

      Hai Liang

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      I can’t stop talking about it too.

      We are all so excited. I begin to chat about my business plan with other attendees through MSN :)

    • Lily Flower

      Can you tell us how was Guerilla Business Intensive seminar?

    • raymond

      Hi Lily,

      The seminar was absolutely amazing.

      Imagine graduate from Havard Business School in only 5 days …

      That’s how I can describe it. :)

    • andrew

      T. Harv is the man. Your experience sounds amazing.

    • raymond

      He is indeed an amazing guy. :)

    • Lily Flower

      Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I could visit this seminar as well.

    • raymond

      Hi Lily,

      Your wish will come true. :)

    • Corinne Edwards


      How nice of you to mention my article.

      As you know, I am also a big fan of your site!

    • raymond

      Hi Corrine,

      You’re welcome.

      You are a great writer. :)

    • Cyrus

      Hi I was there last year, it was fun and a lot of content on business marketing. I enjoy Harv’s teaching. Hope to see him soon in Singapore.

    • raymond

      I’m looking forward for his Never Work Again seminar mid this year.

      One this for sure is that he always over deliver. :)

    • wall mirrors

      I’m so jealous with you regarding the seminar. I hope i could attend too.

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