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We at Attracting Your Goals would want to wish all the readers and subscribers of this blog a very very very Happy New Year.

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I believe that each and everyone of you already have your clear vision ahead and if you have not put your goals into action, let me tell you, Today is the day!

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Just a little good news for my subscribers, we have reached more than 100 comments in December 2007. Bravo! Another goal achieved. I have even sent out the gift I have promised.

If you are one of my subscribers, make sure you have already downloaded the “7 Little Known Goal Setting Tips” ebook from the email I have sent to your inbox. If you are not yet my subscribers, subscribe today and shoot me a quick email to request for the free Goal Setting Tips ebook.

The top commentator of the month is Zaki from chop shop divx and the mysterious gift should have been sent. Enjoy it! Competition ended at  0000 (GMT+0.00) on the 1st of January 2008.

Besides the free report, I have another special arrangement for you. I have managed to get a special offer from Arina, day on fire dvdrip download from “How to set and achieve a goal” to give all my readers and subscribers a $10 discount for her Goal Setting products.

This offer will only available for the first 50 only and will be taken off right after that. Look, after several emails back and forth, I finally persuaded Arina to give all my subscribers and readers a $10 discount for her package which consists of a Goal Setting software, a fantastic Goal Setting ebook, a complete set of worksheets, a relaxation audio (I"m listening as I"m typing this) :) and a bunch of bonuses.

I"m not sure how long will this offer end but I just limit it for the first 50 only. If you are an opportunity seeker or an action taker, you should have landed on the website by now.

Here"s the special link for the limited $10 discount offer.

If you hate discount and want to pay the original full price

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:) , go here

Whichever link you choose, I wish you good luck and make sure you follow all the steps shown by Arina and you"ll be safe from procrastination and regrets. ;) download candyman online

All the best and have a productive New Year!

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    • Jas

      Actually i reached here several days ago via . i found this blog great.

      I think this blog is the good place to start for my personal development & self improvement program in line to my new year resolution.


    • raymond

      Hi Jas,

      Welcome here.

      I’m honour and feel happy that you choose this blog as a place to start your personal development program. :)

      I hope you’ll enjoy all my articles. ;)

    • linn

      Hi Raymond, Happy new year, I am you subscriber also . I feel so happy if you send your goal setting tips ebook to my email. Thank you

    • raymond

      Hi Linn,

      Thanks for subscribing. I have sent you the report. I hope you enjoy it. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      I have down loaded the 7 tips and I thank you for it. Quite useful, I must say.

      I send you best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year. I also hope that you win the award! What is the news on that?

    • zaki blogjer

      Thanks Raymond. Appreciate your gift very much!!

    • raymond

      Glad to hear that you love it. :)

      The gift will change your life if you follow every instruction. ;)

      Good luck to your future undertaking.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      It’s nice to hear that the ebook is useful for you.

      Happy two zero zero great new year to you too. :)

      I do not have any news about the competition yet. Thank you for all your warm wishes. ;)

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