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Yesterday, one of my 7-year-old students came to me and said, “Teacher, I want to be like Harry Potter when I grow up.”

My reply was, “Great! So you must study hard and smart so that you"ll be able to read the spell textbooks in Hogwarts later. Oh! And don"t forget to send my regards to Mr. Dumbledore.”

“Ok, I will. Where is Hogwarts University, teacher? Is it far away from here? How can I reach there?”

Remember when we were still a kid? We were living in a magical life razor s edge the free watch stranger than fiction in divx . Everything is possible for us. Possibilities were just everywhere. It is endless. We dare to dream and everything is just so nice and beautiful.

However, our dreams was slowly stolen and damaged by the adults around us as we grew up. Yes. We may think that we have grown matured but there is something that"s still missing. The magic.

With the magic, planting a pot of flowers will be inexpressible.

We are all hunting and searching for the magic desperately. We keep on trying to bring out the lost magic by adding external things into our lives. But those brand new car, gigantic mansion, clothes, new shoes and spouse don"t seem to bring back the long lost magic download scar free .


The reason is because the magic never leave you. It is always be with you. It is not lost but buried deep within you. No outer things can bring it back to you. Only you can unearth it from deep within you.

The magic sink because you used to choose and taught not to believe in it.

Now, set your mind free and learn to believe in the magic again. Once you start to believe in it, it will begin to show itself

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According to the Law of Attraction, what you think and believe with unshakable faith will be drawn to you like iron attracted to a piece of magnet.

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    • Robotys

      Good story.. a really really good words to encourage the kids! (how i wish i had you as my teacher.. ;) )

      Never “grow up” my friend. The ultimate human in this world (Einstein, Ronaldinho etc.) always imagining wild thing and magic is always around them…

      Never Grow Up!

      ps: bukan awet muda.. ;)

    • raymond

      Hi Robotys,

      If fact one of Einstein’s famous quote is:

      “Imagination is better than education.”


    • James
    • raymond

      This is terrible. They should respect the right of the author.

      Worse of all, the government is not doing anything and it is sold in bookstores.

    • Harry Potter Cast

      @James : that’s so terrible , but that thing happens in many countries too . Harry Potter copies can be easily downloaded from ilegall download websites . And there’s still no way to prevent it.

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