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Labour Day parade (Toronto, Canada)

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download balls of fury dvd Today is the Labour Day in most countries.

(While I do some searching regarding the Labour Day, I discover that different country has different date of their own Labour day you can learn more about that here

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So, I would like to wish all of you a very happy, happenings and joyful Labour Day.

Now, it’s time for you to share with me.

How do you celebrate the Labour Day in your country?

What does the Labour Day mean to you?

I’m looking forward to read all your sharing. :)

Oh, one last question. Do you think that the Law of Attraction

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is taking its break during Labor Day? :P

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    • bostjan

      I coming from Slovenia.

      How do we spend the day before and May 1, yesterday people begin to burn a bonfire in almoste every village and today we are doing nothing, just resting.
      This means to me a free day to relax and to do something for myself,…

      Sorry for all the mistakes because I am not so good at english as you are.

      Wish you all happy labour day too.

    • Dining Room Tables

      Labor day here is just another holiday. Some states got their statehood also on this day and so it is a mostly national and in some states, the states anniversary day. Mostly people simply rest. It is too hot in most parts of the country to do much else.

      No, the LOA does not take breaks. It does not have a labor day because it does not labor. That is a great philosophical point about which, you will need to do a lot of research. Let me give you a clue.

      If LOA = TAO, what does TAO do?

    • raymond

      Hi Bostjan,

      Thanks for sharing the celebration in your place.

      Over my place, nothing special happen. Like dining room tables said, it’s just another holiday and people take this opportunity to get rest. :)

      I can understand your English very well. So, don’t worry about that. ;)

    • Nicole Price

      You have a great Labor Day too Raymond.

    • raymond

      Same to you, Nicole. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      After a long thinking, I still don’t get what TAO is.

      Do you mind to elaborate on this? :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      Pleae visit

      It is also called Dao. Tao Te Ching etc. The Way as the Chinese call it.

    • zaki blogjer

      I’ve been working during labor day for 2 years in a row. Since I do nothing on that day, I feel it’s better for me to go work and earn more $$$$;)

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      That makes sense too. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for the homework. I’m reading it now.

      I do understand the basic of five elements and bagua but not the whole complete set of TAO teaching. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      There is plenty of time. You will learn and suddenly discover that “The Secret” is nothing new to the Chinese!

    • raymond

      “The secret” is nothing new to the Chinese.

      It’s a repackaging of the ancient philosophy.

    • large wall mirrors

      Me too, I always work on labor day. Nothing unusual in this days.

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