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Feeling grateful is one of the strong positive feeling we can put out to the universe and it originate from within us. divx wolf creek download land before time the dvd


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is one of the most important feelings in applying the Law of Attraction. When we feel grateful, we tend to attract more grateful events. download confessions of a teenage drama queen dvdrip

When I ask people what are the things that they usually grateful for, the answer I always receives are all about themselves such as they have the eyes to enjoy the beauty of the world, have loving parents and family, grateful for their jobs … etc.

Don"t get me wrong. It"s not wrong to feel grateful for that. It"s just that I would want to add one more thing for you to feel grateful for which is the earth we are living in, or to be more specific, the ocean.

Watch this video and play your role to take good care of our mother nature.

You can make a difference!

What do you feel grateful for, today? Share it with me. :)

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    • Rina

      I am with you on the importance on being grateful for the world we live in. I just wish many more people share the same feelings on this. We can’t just take Mother Nature for granted. Each of us should play our part in conserving the environment. It’s as simple as throwing rubbish where you’re supposed to. Malaysians, take note..

    • raymond

      Hi Rina,

      That’s right. If everybody takes a little action, we can make a huge difference.

    • Living Rooms

      I so agree with that thought, i feel truly greatful and humbled when i see a particularly beautiful tree or an imposing mountain or a pretty little gushing waterfall.

    • raymond

      Hi Living Room,

      I am a nature lover too. :)

      Like attracts like.

    • Pearl

      Yes! definitely. We are a part of nature; We are part of this beautiful planet. Just looking at a tree calm me too !

    • raymond

      Hi Pearl,

      We are nature.

      Looking at green leaves sooth my eyes too. :)

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    • Cary Darling

      Every morning before I do anything else, heck I don’t even turn on the lights, I sit in the dark in front of my computer and write what I call my “gratitoodz.”

      I’ve signed up for your feed, looking forward to reading future posts.

    • raymond

      Hi Cary,

      Thank you for subscribing to my feed. :)

      I read the word “gratitoodz” from your blog too. Mind to share what’s the history or stiry behind the word.

      It must be very interesting. ;)

    • madeira taffy

      Nobody can deny we are tiny parts of the world. Frankly speaking, I have been grateful to our earth all the time. Take an example, I used baskets especially for buying food before the country’s policy of “ restrict plastic”. To be proud, my kids have learned this as well.

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