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…continued from last post

We tend to learn to move out our head after knocked to the table for few times.

… That"s why we need to read our goals out loud WITH UNWAVERING FAITH

in order to keep us aware of the goals all the time. Whenever our actions contradict with our goals, our subconscious mind will remind us and thus put us in the right track towards our goals.

I used to read a lot of self-help books

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and attend some life-changing seminar download last night dvd . Whenever I got a new book or attend a seminar, I"ll say to myself, “This is gonna change my life free hard easy the movie download ”

You know what? After so many self-help books I"ve read and the seminars I"ve attended, nothing changes in my life. Why? I began to wonder.

The answer is just so simple. I never do what is taught in the books and the seminars. All I do is read and forget. Attend, take notes and forget.

Why I don"t do what I should do? Because I was like Mark, (in the previous post) I think that those actions are too childish and people will think I"m crazy. It takes me 8 years to realize the importance of those actions. It was when I watched The Secret movie. The whole video changed my life entirely.

Can you imagine how much time and money I have spent on books and seminars and yet I learn nothing from them just because of my stubbornness.

So, take your action today (if you have not) and don"t delay. Once you delay, you"ll never do it. Start now and change your life today.
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