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I believe you have watched “The Secret” video by now (if you haven’t, the link to the video is in the previous post). I hope it has changed your life as much as it has changed mine if not more.

I am constantly asked “What separates winners from losers?”

And my favorite answer is always “The winners know how to apply ‘the secret’. The Law of Attraction to be precise …”

As you can see from the video, the most important ingredient in the Success Recipe

is not your educational background. It is not your family background either. Stop guessing and find excuses!

The secret ingredient is YOUR MINDSET. Yes, the Law of Attraction

is about thought, emotions and visualization. Don’t you think all those have to do with your mindset.

Let me ask you these questions …

Do you need to be rich, wealthy, smart and good looking to think of something you really want in your life?

Do you need to be rich, wealthy, smart and good looking to have a good emotions?

Do you need to be rich, wealthy, smart and good looking to visualize

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you having what you want in your life?

If your answer to all 3 of the questions above is “NO”, then CONGRATULATION! Success in on your way. Watch “The Secret” video and Download the Free Attraction Accelerator Report and read it over and over again. Follow the step by step. Make sure you don’t miss even a step and most importantly, apply it!

Stay tune on the next post.

P.S. I’ll be very happy to get your feedback (positive or negative). You may post your feedback and share your experience in the comment column. Tell me what you think!

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