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The concept of BDH is very closely related to the Law of Attraction. In The Secret movie, we have learned the 3-step process which is


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In a simple explanation, it means that if you have a goal or a dream, and you really want to achieve it and are willing to give your full commitment, you need to first, ASK for it.

Ask the universe. Make your wish so that the universe knows and sure of what you want.

Next, BELIEVE. Believe that it will come true. Believe it with your unwavering faith. Visualize it as if it"s already there for you. It could be when you wake up and it"s already there or you will get some ideas or hunches. If what you get is the ideas, intuition or hunches, then you"ll need to take massive actions.

Finally, when it comes true to you, always remember to feel grateful and the joy when you RECEIVE it.

Here"s the wrong way

A lot of people do it wrongly! They do it in the reverse sequence.

Here"s an example:

Let"s say there is a person who wants to become a well known speaker (Like Anthony Robbins, probably :)). So, here"s the plan:

He wants to acquire all the knowledge first such as the knowledge in that particular field, public speaking skills, communication skills, PR skills and so on.

After that he will go out and do it, which is speaking on the stage in front of a crowd and finally be a popular speaker.

So, here"s the sequence that seems to be:

Have > Do > Be invasion of the pod people divx online

In my opinion, that is not quite a right way to achieve a goal. That"s totally different with the “ask, believe and receive” principle.

Here"s the right way

The BDH concept means Be, Do, Have (the right sequence). To achieve a goal, we must first BE who we want to be.

If you want to be a popular speaker, talk like a speaker, behave like a speaker. See what the speakers do that is different than what you do. Follow them. Mirror them. Be one of them.

Next, DO.

Do what it takes to be a speaker. Get all the skills you need. Practice your speech until you are full of confident. download memory keeper s daughter the divx

With all the steps well done, you will BE a popular and a renown speaker.

The sequence will look like this:

BE > DO > HAVE download half a person dvdrip

Don"t you think it"s quite similar to the “ask, believe and receive” concept?

Let me know what you think. I"ll be waiting for you at the comment box. ;)

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Yes, I agree whatever you want to be just follow what stated above finally and eventually you can even create something more extra ordinary than the present speaker or anything that you wish to be.
      But what interest me most is the intuition never did I know there so much we didn’t know I’m still reading it just need practise in trusting your intuition. As known by many if not all intuition can save your life if you just listen to it. It is called as the “subconscious integration of all the experiences, conditioning, and knowledge of a lifetime”. Wish I could share here but just too many findings that it’s all new to me. Only to those who has experienced might understood it much more better. Okay, thanks again for today post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Our intuition is one of the most beautiful things. :)

    • Jennifer Mannion

      Hi Raymond,
      I love the BDH acronym and YES, I believe it goes along with the law of attraction. I think it might help others who question the LoA to hear BDH instead though. I think the nay-sayers on the LoA get hung up on the asking part and aren’t taking action to BE and DO what they need in order to HAVE. Action and being conscious goes a longgg way. Sitting around and asking and believing is often not enough — inspired action is key. Thanks for BDH — it’s great and gives me a new way to explain the LoA to people! Gratefully, Jenny

    • raymond

      Hi Jenny,

      First of all, thank you so much for dropping by. Welcome here. :)

      Taking action is indeed very important in manifesting our goals and most people miss that part.

      I’m glad that this post gives you a new way to explain the LOA to others. I wish you success! :)

      Come again!

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