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… Continue from (Part 1)

“What card?” Mark asked.

“The card that Bob Proctor ask us to create where we write our goals

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and put it in the wallet and read it out loud as often as possible. Haven’t you done that?”

“Oh man, come on. Do I have to do that? It’s like kindergarten kids’ stuffs”

“How about you want success girl happy divx online ?”

THe Secret Ingredient

——— The End ———-

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So, the thing that I want to point out here is, success is just so easy and simple and yet it’s so hard to do . I think that explains why so many people fail to success. There is a secret hidden power behind the card.

Do you know everytime when we read the word out loud and force yourself to believe it with unwavering faith. We’re sending out the wave of thought to the universe. If we do it continuously and persistently, we confirm our goals and dreams to the universe. And guess what? The universe will rearrange itself in the fastest, quickest and the most harmonious way to deliver what you want to you.

Here’s a bonus. When we read our goals out loud continuously and persistently, we unconciously hammered it into our subconcious mind. After a certain period, your goals will keep showing up in your brain and it remind yourself automatically and this will strenghten your emotions and makes and force of your attraction even stronger.

I will show you an example in the next post. Stay tune.

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