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I visited one of my friends last Saturday. She is one of my Feng Shui mastermind inner circle members in Batu Pahat, one of the small towns in Malaysia and we chat very frequently on the internet.

The purpose of my visit is to get some information on pendulum from her to share with you. Pendulum has a very close relation to our subconscious. You can learn more about that by subscribing to my list.

So, as we chatted along about Feng Shui

, Law of Attraction and Mind Power

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, her husband. Mr. Lim suddenly ask me if I have seen those huge fish in one of the famous Chinese temple in that town and what are they called in English.

Frankly, I have no idea what are the fish that he meant. So, I told him that I have never seen or heard about it. This is kinda weird to me that there"re half a dozen of those 4-5 feet fish in a temple. I can"t imagine that. futurama bender s game divx download

I mean, how they are going to survive in the temple. Is that something that looks like an underwater world?

Finally he suggested that we go there to “visit those fish”. I agreed and still curious about it. According to Mr. Lim, it is one of the tourism spot in the town and people come from near and far by express tourism bus just to see the incredible creatures.

It"s only around 20 minutes drive from Mr. Lim"s house and we need to drive through the winding roads ups and downs the hill as the temple is located by the sea.

Here"s a picture of the fish I have taken from the temple to satisfy your curiosity.

Big Fish

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I"ll share more information about this place and the photos I have taken in the coming post. If time permit, maybe I can share a video with you too. Stay tune!

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