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Welcome back folks,

First of all, I"m sorry for the late posting. I have just reached home from Kuala Lumpur and the journey is indeed very tiring. However, I feel so excited because I have learned a lot of things last week and have met plenty of like-minded friends.

I just can"t wait to implement the knowledge in my life. Besides, we have created a group of friends to kick each other"s butt to make sure that all of us really take the action instead of just talk around. It is really important to keep us accountable.

Yesterday, I shared something about the dreams that fail to come true and today I"m going to continues about that and give you some solutions to counter the problem.

Most of our dreams do not come true partly because of the lack of the passion and desire. You may reach the peak of your passion and excitement when somebody talks, shares or explains something to you about it (e.g. In a seminar, group discussion, gathering and so on)

Somebody actually creates the environment and it excites everybody or at least a group of people in the community.

I can be a business idea that can make you a fortune, a new way to lose weight or a vacation idea. However, within a few days, the passion and excitement disappear. I believe this is one of your biggest problems.

So, What"s The Solution? lion king 1 the free download

To overcome this, you need to have a burning desire. You need to be hungry enough to reach your goals. Make it a want and not a need. Finally, do it consistently and persistently.

But I can"t maintain the passion and desire

This is the reason why you need a vision board. Vision board keeps you in alignment with your goals and keep your energy level high each and everyday.

Alternatively, you can find at least an accountability partner. An accountability partner can keep you on track. Tell your accountability partner what"s your goals (both long term and short term). Ask them to call you everyday or at least once a week.

Tell him/her to ask you these questions:

· Are you still passionate to reach your goals? If not, WHY?

download saw v divx · What have you done today that will bring you closer to your goal?

· How do you feel about yourself?

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This is a very powerful method to take you from where you currently are to your goals (if you are really serious about it.)

These 2 methods are applicable for all goals no matter how big or how small they may seem. You can take it from washing your car everyday to fire your boss and start building your own business empire.

Personally, I use both methods. I have a few vision boards in my bedroom where I visualize over her dead body divx them every day and night and I have 3 groups of friends to keep me accountable

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I hope these 2 methods will accelerate you to your goals.

Speak soon.

Raymond Chua signature

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Welcome back.
      Just to say thank you for sharing the solution never thought of that will try implementing it. Once again thank you.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for still being here with me. :)

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    • Adam

      I think many people fall down on the business plan part. They have goals and dreams, but they never create a solid plan of how to achieve the goals.

    • raymond

      Hi Adam,

      I agree. Plan is very important especially when it comes together with strategies.

      Thanks for dropping a comment. I hope you can come and share your thought more often. ;)

    • Neo

      I have never thought about vision boards. I am going to implement this idea as soon as possible. Now a days, I am on a mission to improve myself and my job profile. Lets see, how this idea helps me.

    • raymond

      Hi Neo,

      I have just added a couple of pictures to my vision board few days ago.

      Trust me. It works. :)

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