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… Continue from the last post.

Yesterday we talked about the importance of the amount of the ingredients in baking a cake.

The same goes to success. From the last post, we knew that we need both MINDSET and ACTIONS

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to bake our success cake. But how much of Mindset and how much of Actions you need to put in? What is the ratio of the Mindset to Actions?

This is crucial because if you put double the amount of the flour into your batter, guess what will your cake turn out to be? I don"t know how it will taste like because I always follow the recipe.

According to Dr. Michael J. Duckett, 80% of the success cake is made of our mindset and 20% of it comes from our action. This is extremely important because it tells you how much time you need to spend on your mind and your actions.

I will let Dr. Michael J. Duckett to take over from here. He"ll share with you about Mental Code. Let"s watch…

How is it? Have you experienced your Aha moment? Knowing how to unlock your mental code will help you to accelerate the process of your attraction. It makes the process of applying the Law of Attraction

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    • zaki blogjer

      The same thing goes to implementing any project. Planning representing 70% of the time spending on the whole project, while the rest is about actions

    • raymond

      That’s a good example Zaki.

    • Mind

      Thanks for adding video proof from a “Doctor” about the principal behind baking of a cake.


    • raymond

      You’re most welcome, Mind :)

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