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My computer has been slow to some unacceptable stage. It tested my patience time and time again. Deep inside, I know that there is a need to format the whole computer and restore back the data.

However, if you read one of Dr. John Gray’s books, Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, you’ll know that men seldom change anything unless it has spoilt.

Same here, all this while, my laptop is still working and even though it’s slow and my Firefox browser crash easily, I still bear with it.

I just want a compelling reason to format my laptop (can you imagine that) and I won’t format it unless I really have no choice about it.

Unconsciously, I am attracting some problems to my laptop, be it a software problems, virus or anything that will make me to format my laptop as a last resort.

As always, most of the things I attract come true. Those which have not come true, I know it’s on its way. :)

It wasn’t until last week that a bunch of viruses pay me a visit and bring the whole machine down. I am quite happy by that time because I can finally format my laptop even though I’ll have to spend a lot of time restoring all the data and some plugins to it.

Lesson of the day:

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Do not attract something you don’t want into your life. Fortunately, what I have attracted is something I desire at that point of time (even though it’s nasty to some people).

Be careful of your thoughts and increase your consciousness to what you think for it will come true to you.

The universe is like an Aladdin magic lamp. Don’t talk nonsense to the Grand Genie. Else, it will give you heaps of nonsense.

What else can you learn from my experience? Share it with me. The Law of Attraction clockwise movie download

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    • Elizabeth

      After several courses of Vipassana meditation and coping with all kind of electrical problem when Mercury is in retro – I’ve realized that I sometime keep on delaying fixing small problems knowing that eventually I’ll have a good enough reason to cope with it.

    • raymond

      Hi Elizabeth,

      The first sentence is too deep for me. Could you elaborate more on that? I’m ready to learn. :)

      Sometimes we just need the reason to act even though we know what we should. ;)

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