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Success in life is like success in baking a cake. We need to know not only what ingredients are required but also the quantity of each ingredient we need to put in.

That is why we need to know what the ingredients are and what is the amount of each ingredient to bake a success cake. Probably somebody here may think of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, flavoring, coloring and maybe some cherries.

Nope, baking the success cake is different from baking your birthday cake. In order to bake your tasty and delicious success cake, you only need 2 things.

They are MINDSET and ACTION.

Just like baking a birthday cake you need to know exactly what type of cake you want to bake. The ingredients to bake a strawberry cake are different with the ingredients to bake a chocolate cake.

Yes! You know that you need some flavoring and coloring but WHAT FLAVOR and WHAT COLOR you actually want. You can not put vanilla flavor to bake a strawberry cake. Just because you have seen somebody do that to bake a vanilla cake doesn"t mean it is right for you.

Cakes are usually used to celebrate successes or events. However different cake serves different purposes. We have cakes for Christmas, birthday, graduation, Father"s Day, Mother"s day, etc.

The same thing goes to success. Everybody defines success differently. To some people, success may be having $10M in their possession while for others; success may mean a good, happy and healthy life. Some people want fame and recognition while others prefer low-profile and peaceful life.

There are different kinds of success cake. So, what is your success cake? Have you defined it clearly? If not, you"d better do so now. How are you going to bake your success cake if you don"t even know what success cake you want to bake? Sounds ridiculous, right?

Oh, yes! I said that the 2 main components or ingredients to bake the success cake are MINDSET and ACTION.

How much is the amount of MINDSET and ACTION you need to bake your success cake?

I"ll tell you in the next post with a video to add more flavors to your success cake, all right?

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    • BlackBerry 8820

      Great post, it’s always good to reinforce the idea that happiness is truly a state of mind. I have plenty of friends that make less money than I do but are the happiest people in the world because they have a wonderful family to go home to every night.

    • shueqry

      Good post !

      That is true, Mind And Action..

      i add one,


    • SuperProtege

      Great writing, Raymond … Mindset and Action is always the key to success!

    • raymond

      Hi Blackberry,

      I agree with you that happiness is not measured by the amount of money we earned.

    • raymond

      Hi Shueqry,

      Thanks for pointing that out. How could I miss that :)

      Keep sharing!

    • raymond

      Hi Super Protege,

      Welcome to my blog. From your nickname, I can guess that you are one of the SMCC members.

      Mind to tell what is your real name? :)

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    • Honman

      Yes. Indeed. Your mindset influence your actions and your actions determine your Life.

    • raymond

      You are right Honman, everything is connected in this universe.

    • Mind

      Great post. I love the analogy of baking a cake for success. It takes time and effort to create your recipe and then time in the oven to bake and flurish. Start with the recipe and bake your cake daily!


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