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It is not uncommon for me to hear people say these:

The Law of Attraction is a lie.

The Law of Attraction works for you but not for me

I don’t believe the Law of Attraction. evil dead the dvd download

The process of manifestation isn’t that easy.

It’s not the Law of Attraction. It’s because you’re lucky. (Yes. I am. The Law of Attraction makes me lucky.)

That’s understandable because I used to doubt the Law of Attraction, too.

When I first started, I visualized my goals and dreams on my armchair all day long. As a result, I neglected my work and nothing happened.

I couldn’t understand why and I began to feel depressed over it. I felt cheated. And meantime, my workload piled up very quickly. I felt like giving up at that time.

Thanks to my stubbornness and curiosity, which lead me to dig deeper into what I believe as “missing pieces.”

I searched the Internet; bought lots of courses, ebooks and audio books, videos and joined a couple coaching programs (not all at once).

 “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” – Benjamin Franklin

Slowly, I began to see those missing pieces come together and completed the puzzle.

It’s life changing and my life turns around completely. I began to master the art of manifestation and the science of attracting my goals and it’s getting faster and easier each time. It worked like magic and sometimes it’s like UNBELIEVABLE.

My dreams got bigger and from the results I got each day, I dared to dream much bigger. You know, the kind of dream that I used to think was impossible to achieve.

I began to see why I failed terribly when I first started out. There was so much missing information in The Secret and it was just an introduction to the Law of Attraction.

Well, I have to admit that not all courses and programs I bought were good. Some were just junk information.

But if you are like me, who has a high curiosity to find out how the Law of Attraction works exactly and want to skip through those junk information, here are my best recommendation:

The Science of Getting Rich Program home alone free The Greatest Coaching Program by Bob Proctor

The Super Mind Evolution System original sin divx movie online lilo stitch 2 stitch has a glitch divx Lots of ebooks and audiobooks that can help you understand, access and use the power of your mind.

RevolutionizExplaining the 7 Laws of the Universe and how the Law of Attraction works together with other laws of the universe.

Mind MoviesThis is awesome software that can turn your dull static vision board into a dynamic and exciting one. Watch the video to find out how.

Attraction Genie – This is a software that can help you keep your goal, vision, mission and all your manifestation activities in order and in one place.

Wealth Beyond Reasons Coaching ProgramsThis is a coaching program of Bob Doyle, one of the teachers in The Secret movie.

I tried them all; and trust me, they are great. I can’t share them all here because I have to respect the copyright of the creator of this brilliant information.

In the next article, I’m going to share a missing piece from The Secret, which I learned from Joe Vitale.

At the same time, I encourage you to share what you think as the missing pieces of the movie The Secret.

Stay tuned!

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    • electrical circuit test

      I like the quote by Ben Franklin. Is that how it really goes or is the word supposed to be “ignorance” and not “ignorant”?

    • raymond

      Hi Electric circuit test,

      Thanks for the spelling correction. I shall correct it now. :)

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    • Lumineers cost

      The quote is definitely timeless and 100% true. I checked out some of the links, very resourceful indeed.

      • raymond

        Thanks Lumineers Cost. :)

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