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In February this year, one of my neighbors (a lady in her 40s) told me, “You should put on more weight, you"ll look better”

My reply was, “Don"t worry, if more weight equals to look better, then I"ll look GREAT after the festival”

A week later…

My father said to me, “You should be on a strict diet, seriously, I"m not kidding with you. Watch your weight.”

My reply was, “Don"t worry; I will look great the next time you see me.”

Today, I"m back to normal and looking forward to the next festival to put on more weight and the cycle goes on.

How did I manage to do that? I mean put off my weight easily without suffering.

Right, in the last post I said that I am using the Law of Attraction all the time.

First, I create a fruits festival (for me and myself). I will start to replace my diet with ONLY fruits. I will go around and tell my friends that today is my fruit day!

Yeah, it"s a little bit disappointed when I open the fridge and the ice-cream and the chocolates are not there. Feel uneasy when I can"t find the chips and cookies in the table. But, hey, the fruits are sweet too. For me, it is not a drastic change. It is just a slight change.

Within 2 days, my metabolism slow down and I can even skip a meal. Usually, I"ll skip my lunch, which means, I take only breakfast and dinner. Whenever I feel hungry, I"ll visualize.

What do I visualize?

I usually visualize the excessive fat being burnt by my body and I will feel light. By doing this simple shift of thought, I am able to change from feeling hungry to feeling good. I like to see those fat molecules get killed. It is fun to see the molecules break into pieces because that’s what I really want.

As a science student, I prefer to picture the whole process in terms of chemical reaction rather than a ring of fire burning the fat away. I like to visualize the glycolysis process

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in our metabolism process.

Visualizing the complicated process will make me forget about my hungriness. Seeing the chemical process happen in my mind will make me believe that it happen the same way in my body.

I begin to see myself as a fit guy and not an overweight guy anymore. I am no longer a fat guy in the mirror, I can climb the hill near my house and the “fat” label has been taken away from me. NO DOUBT AT ALL!
Here"s the Law of Attraction way of explanation:

I send the right thought to the universe, I believe in my thought as much as I believe in Science. I support the thought and believe with positive emotion which are feeing good and happy. I visualize the way I want to see myself. I live in it. I take the necessary action without feeling bad or hungry. If I do, I change it back immediately.

No drugs, no gastrics, no suffering and simple enough!

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    • Zaki Blogjer

      I eat banana and apple a lot, but I’m still hungry :), what kind of fruit you take actually?

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      I usually take a mixture of apples, watermelon, papaya and banana. I mix them together. I prefer to cool them in the fridge before I consume them.

    • Zaki Blogjer

      ooh, thanks Raymond, I might try it, I gain weight a lot after married

    • cikgu azleen

      This is very interesting. I think what other said to us affect us a lot. During childhood, I was known to gain and lose weight easily. And I know no matter how much I eat, I won’t get fat. And I believe that until form 5 when one of my male classmates, look at my picture and told me “You should be careful, you can get fat easily!”.

      And that a poison.. I fear the image of me getting fat and each day I am telling myself that I am not getting fat. But guess what? Since that day, I’ve been gaining weight and not losing it..

      I think I should feed my mind with new way of thinking so that I could reverse the belief..

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki, you are welcome.

      To your success!

    • raymond

      You are right Cikgu Azleen,

      We must be very careful of what we feed into our mind.

      Currently, I’m practising to filter negative thoughts, opinions and sugestions from my environment.

      Nice of you to drop by and thanks for your helping me out with the plugins.

    • Jenny

      It is good that you can create a fruit festival for yourself.

    • raymond

      Hi Jenny, it’s always fun and exciting! :)

      Thanks for your comment. ;)

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