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I am known as a person who can gain and lose weight easily. For most people gaining their weight should not be a big problem for them. So, I am not going to teach you how to gain your weight.

I can gain 10 to 20 pounds within few days (I have a very good appetite) and lose them all within a week.

I am admired by my both underweight and overweight friends. I am frequently asked how I do that.

Here"s how it begins:

Usually I gain my weight during festive seasons as there are plenty of foods wherever I go. My eyes just can"t get out of those foods. My appetite rises. Besides, it is holiday and I have no work to do. So, all I do is eat, eat and eat.

Another “party” time for me to put on my weight is when I go back to my hometown, which is in Penang. It is known as the “Heaven of Food” in the whole country. The food in my hometown is excellent.

Tourists come from all over the world just to taste the food rather than visiting the island. When I got back to my hometown, I will usually triple my food consumption as I want to try my very best to taste all the food before I leave as they are not available in everywhere else.

I guess that"s pretty much explain how I can gain 10-20 pounds in a few days (less than a week)

The TRUTH: It takes more time to lose weight than to gain weight (for me)

After all the festive and the “party”, more money will be spent. Not on food but on clothing. LOL

When everything is over, I"ll lead back my normal life but my life is never be the same again. I find it hard to squat down just to weed my garden. Other activities such as house keeping and “pets maintenances” are now HARD jobs.

All these create a very strong “WHY” I should put off the pounds.

I begin to put the Law of Attraction

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free kismat konnection into action.

I"ll show you my close-guarded secret in the next post.

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    • Liara Covert

      In different cultures, gaining and losing weight has all kinds of connotations about health and well-being. It can mean you’re happy, sad, restless or evoke other emotions.

      As for me, I was described as a “chunky” kid. I suppose that was because kids around me happened to be thinner. If I had attended a school for obese kids, or had fatter friends, I may have been teased for being too skinny.

      Funny thing is, adults have learned to judge and criticize appearances harshly and they can be the harshest on themselves. To attract the ‘right body’ for you, its first necessary to figure out what that means, spearate from what everybody tells you.

    • raymond

      Thanks Liara, for pointing that out.

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