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Hey, this is another funny yet a good visualizing tools for you guys.

I can’t believe this bird is working so hard to visusalize its way to learn flying. I am wondering if he did watch The Secret movie or read my blog. This bird is applying the Law of Attraction to ‘fly’ its way to success. It understands The Secret.

Let’s watch it:

Go on ‘birdy’, the universe will manifest your thought. The word impossible just don’t exist in this world.

Moral of the story:
Take massive action, don’t give up, persistency pays, visualization is a very powerful tool.

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    • Yumi

      About “Fly”, actually this kiwi don’t have wings and it wanted to fly. So it purposed build those many trees and fly through between those trees to feel that “Finally, i’m flying!”.

      Nothing is perfect. Everyone is demand something they want in their own life. Like kiwi, although it don’t have wings, doesn’t mean that it can’t fly. But it rather to end up its life cos it dreams has come true and worth to be done so. As long as people can achieve their goal and dreams, why not give it a try and see. Better try than nothing even we can know how’s the result goes, am i right? ^_^

      So don’t give up our hope and dreams. As i’ve experience, persist in the end of hard time. After all, we have to go through a phase of life. Look at the bright side and appreciate every moment in life. Nothing is impossible as we believe we can! \^o^/ Ganbatte!

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