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I would like to share a video with you today. As what the headline says, it’s about divorce. Of course I do not encourage you to divorce. But I’d like to share this video which will tell you how a divorce can affect your kids or children.

Click play and listen closely.

Divorce is an event where negative energy will haunt you for months or even years. There are very rare divorce case which will end with happiness and laughter.

So, from the perspective of the Law of Attraction download day the earth stood still the dvdrip , the negative energy produced from your divorce may affect you and your kids (if any)

I’ll tell you why in the next post. Meanwhile, if you have encountered this experience or the people around you have had this experience, you may want to share it with us and tell me how you overcome it, what comes into your mind … etc.

You can share it in the comment section or mail it to me. I can publish your story if you want.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for sharing the video, nothing much to say except it just sad to read about divorce matter. Especially the younger children how they managed this experience. When emotionally disturb they always face with problem about torn between two loves. What more if they couldn’t handle and are emotionally trap in this situation. Meaning they refuse to let go of the fear, anger, frustration, sadness that bothering them. But there are some rare case where divorce parents pretend be together for the sake of the children. Only announced the truth when the children are old enough to understand. It’s not easy but they understood the emotion.

    • Will Buckley

      hmm, Raymond,

      Here we go with the law of attraction. I read your post over at DTAlpha for “Make My Turning Point Your Turning Point”.

      I felt it was pretty profound and decided to come here and see what you were about.

      I went through a very nasty divorce in the mind 90′s. I have 3 girls who were 10, 8 and 4 at the time.

      I strived with all of my might to shelter them and make things as normal as I could. I finally just picked up and moved as far as the military would let me.

      I am still very resentful of my ex. She cheated on me several times and I just kept ignoring it and taking her back. Finally, I left the state because my grandmother was very sick when I got back home I walked into an empty house (just my clothes on the floor).

      She filed a restraining order and accused me of being an alcholic. I had to have supervised visits with my children for 3 months until I was cleared.

      She never relented, she constantly created drama etc. The lies, the mind games, the constant court attacks were too much for me then.

      In the end I walked. I requested for the children to come visit every year and when I could get to California visited them.

      I could go on and on. The problem is I absolutely hate her. I despise her. I cannot even imagine being in the same place with her ever.

      The ironic thing is my life is very different now. A complete turn around. I have a great wife a awesome 3 year old son that I am staying at home with.

      The one thing that holds me bakc is the guilt I feel for not being there for my children. They suffered the most and still are. My youngest has attempted suicide and is a mess.

      Now advice is great and everyone has their own opinion but what I have found through my years of therapy is it takes 2. period.

      I could do everything in my power to forgive and forget and make it right but as long as my ex is evil and preventing it. It will never happen.

      Okay I feel better. Hope you enjoyed my little rant.

      Thanks, looking forward to your next post.

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    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I have seen such problems in my friends’ lives too.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • raymond

      Hi Will,

      First of all, I’m so sorry to hear what had happened.

      Thank god that you have a totally different life now.

      Be sure to appreciate everything that you have in the present.

    • Ann Marie

      I think this article is very important and present. It seems as though some parents get so caught up in the seperation/divorce that they do not realize what’s happening to the children. I had a very close friend whose parents got a divorce and like mentioned in this article, her mother made her father look the worst man alive for leaving her. This intern caused my friend to take a side, her mothers. The father remarried and had 2 daughters with his new wife making my friend feel obsolete and undesired. This is a story that seems to be repeated quite often. I just read an article on speaking on this topic that was very intersting and informative. Check it out
      Just my two cents
      Ann Marie Miller

    • raymond

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for sharing the story of your friend.

      It happens to some of my friends too. It may take some time to change their believe towards the opposite sex.

    • Benjamin

      Great article, I found another one on the just mommies site which I ready quite often as well that talked about many of the similar problems. Some of it sounded like people should always stay together, but I think sometimes that just isnt the best option.

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      Thanks for sharing it.

      Sometimes different people just have different perspective. :)

    • John Aldridge

      Truthfully, I could write a book on what not to do in a divorce if you have children. My exwife of 11.2 years decided she was in love with another man. We have 3 boys together at the ages of 6, 11, 13. The younger two really do not understand what is going on. My oldest does. Let me put it in perspective. My exwife is trying to take me out, put the other guy in. Yeah, it sounds like she really does not know what she is doing and you are right. It has been a wreck ever since it has started. She put a protective order on me to get me out of her way to start with. I kicked the wall and in the State of Georgia that is means of violence against another person. So I ended up on the street with 3 pairs of clothes and a tooth brush. That is just the beginning. It is now a year later, my exwife told the judge that she had sex with this guy in court and I ended up paying her attorney and child support of 1,200 when I only bring home on the average of 2,000. This is Athens Clarke County Georgia. Another thing I found out. It is the only county in Georgia that turns away from adultry. So if you are in the market to commit adultry, you need to make sure you are in Athens, GA. I have never seen anything like this in my life. My exwife has turned my 3 boys upside down and she is still in control of the whole situation. My downfall? I had a terrible lawyer for my divorce case. The good news? I now have the best lawyer in Athens and my ex is trying to take me back to court to get more money. It is like the buck stops here for her now. I have not went to court yet but I can guaratee that it will be a different outcome now. So this is the deal, if you live in Athens, GA and you catch your spouse cheating on you, you better make the first move or you will be screwed like I was. I am now having to start from scratch but my ex is so into herself she cannot see what is coming. My lawyer has let me know that the future will be different but I have to work on it instead of getting it all at once like she did. I know that it has been horrible for my kids but they know that their dad is fighting for them everyday. I made a promise that I would not let them down. They are depending on me to keep my word. So in case you come up on these type of circumstance you need to be prepared and have a good lawyer unless you want to loose your kids. The problem with me is I don’t. I will fight until I have my children back. God speed to whomever has to go through this in life but remember the children should come first.

    • raymond

      Hi John,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear what had happened to you.

      I’m sure that your new positive belief will begin to turn things around.

      I’ll be here waiting for your good news.

    • Marc @ Apres

      Thanks for sharing, it is also in tough times that one can rebuild a life and live it the way it wants. After all nothing is set in stone and the past does not equal the future.

      To anyone going througha tough divorce, know that it will not last for and that time will comme for you to enjoy life again – you even decide to do it now !

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      I know divorce can make things tough, but it can be harder to stay married if that is not where you are supposed to be

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