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How Fast Can It Be?

December 18, 2007 | 13 Comments

We are living in the fast changing world where today"s technology will become tomorrow"s history.

The rate of changes is increasing exponentially. Like it or not, you have to adapt with the changes. Otherwise, you will be drowning in the tsunami wave of changes like dinosaurs. It doesn"t care how big or how small you are. When it comes, it will sweep you away if you refuse to change.

I"m telling you this so that you can take advantage of the changes or the revolution rather than fear of it. download closing the ring movie

Let"s take the information age for example. During the industrial age, people believe that one needs to do well in school in order to get the qualification (the certificate) which then will get them a high paying job that gives them a sweet comfortable life.

That means education = success.

But then the information age arrives and the world changed. We begin to see the rising of teenage millionaires who made a fortune from the internet. We begin to witness and hear of the success stories of dropout young men who made billions of dollars from the internet.

Surprisingly, they do not have any educational certificate to reach their success. There are a huge percentage of the people in this world who have information overload because things change too fast that they do not know how to manage the information properly.

Those who know when harry met sally divx movie online how to handle and systemize the information such as Yahoo or Google make a great fortune from the massive amount of information.

There are also a portion of people in the world who do not know what"s going on yet. My parents do not even know how to play a DVD and they prefer to use the old type of auto zoom camera (that use film) instead of the new digital camera let alone how to use a computer.

I"m not trying to belittle them but the message I want to say is that if you can"t cope with the changes, you"ll miss out a lot of fun and if you are still young, you are going to suffer in the long run.

In my opinion, a person"s success depends on his/her ability to cope with the changes and benefit from it.

So how are you going to know when will be the next wave of change and how to cope with it?

The answer lies in the Law of Attraction

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. I will share that with you in the coming post.

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Stay tune!

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for today post. It is all about taking action+interest+passion=success etc. Yes, too much changes already happenning like it or not you just have to keep on track. So the heavenly secure job for good education result is still a question. Check it out who work for Bill Gates, Henry Ford etc so keep on taking consistent action hey not forgetting strategy that the secret again try overcome your fear the emotion is your state of mind. Please correct me if you find my statement need correction and I thank you. Thanks.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Changes is a must to ensure survival. In fast, it’s a part of nature. That’s how evolution happens. :)

    • Living Rooms

      You know what they say, if you dont bend you break! And besides i always say, knowledge or even information is power!

    • raymond

      Hi Living Room,

      “if you dont bend you break”

      I love that. That’s why grass never break while trees do.

      That’s because the grass bends and go with the flow. :)

    • Law Of Attraction

      Definitely. To survive we have to keep evolving with the times. For instance, people take courses at night after work. Being an internet Marketer is definitely hard work. SEO alone will burn weeks of your time!

    • annie

      Thats true changes may occur in the world at the same time, there is nothing wrong to tell the known things to others…“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” get into my mind while reading your post…

    • raymond


      I do not play much with SEO except for the basic one. A little change of their algorithm will drive you mad.

      I prefer to stick on creating quality content and be natural. :)

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    • Shamelle @ Enhance Life

      I believe the “public secret” of survival is to constantly keep yourself up to date on the latest happenings and technology. That’s the only way I see myself in the years to come.


    • raymond

      Hi Shamelle,

      You are absolutely right. We need to be alert of the constant changes to unsure our survival.

      Thanks for commenting. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      I entirely agree with you that the problem is in coping with change that is guaranteed to be the only constant in life. All of us unfortunately, need everything constant and predictable and when it does not work that way, we get stressed.

    • raymond

      Right, it’s either we change or being swept away. :)

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