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Hi my fellow attractors,

What I am going to share with you today is closely related to several previous posts, if you missed them, I highly recommend you to read them first (in order). Otherwise, you"ll miss the missing piece of The Secret. Here they are:

Excuse Me, Are You In Alpha?

How Alpha Wave Works Together With The Law of Attraction

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It is no secret in today"s world that visualization is one of the most powerful methods in the process of manifestation a.k.a. the Law of Attraction.

When I say visualization, I mean visualize your goals or dreams with emotions and feelings attach to the picture or event you are visualizing.

If most people already know that visualization is the key to unlock the secret of the Law of Attraction, why there"re still a lot of people struggling from achieving their goals.

Here"s why

Most people do not know how to visualize correctly. As I have said in the previous post, it is important that we visualize our goals in alpha state. If you are visualizing in beta state, you are wasting your time and it"s time for some corrections.

This is one of the missing pieces in The Secret movie. If you are not visualizing in alpha state or better of, in theta state, you are very unlikely to achieve your goals and they will remain as your dream forever.

Do not worry about that first because I"m going to share some powerful tools with you which I personally use to put myself in alpha state. Just for your information, I"m not a good “visualizer” and I really don"t know what to do without this brilliant tool. Thank you!

My first tool is Alpha Personal Mind Control.

Alpha Personal Mind Control

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This is my favorite tool to enhance my brain"s natural alpha wave. It keeps me creative, intuitive and aware all the time.

With this powerful tool, I am able to sleep better, ‘understand’ people better and feel healthier.

I am listening to this hypnotic audio as I am typing this. I use this same tool to help me in my meditation. It makes me really sleepy sometimes :)

According to experts, meditation can help cure depression, reduce aging, slow down cancer, boost your immune system and significantly reduce blood pressure. That"s why I’ spare an hour a day for meditation.

Click here for immediate download!

WARNING: Make sure you read the instruction manual before you use it as this powerful audio may be dangerous if you use it in the wrong situation.

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If you have any question regarding to my experience in alpha state, the tools, this hypnotic audio, or anything that related to this topic, feel free to ask me in the comment box. I"ll try my best to share and answer your questions.

To your alpha success!

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