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I was browsing through the activities that will be held during the 4-day Unleash The Power Within

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seminar this morning.

One of them is 3 Steps to lasting change. It makes me flash back how powerful this method is and I still use it until today.

I can"t transfer 100% of the knowledge to you on my blog because it takes the kind of environment, atmosphere and the energy of words from Tony Robbins download moonlight mile movie ’ mouth to inject the knowledge into your mind and makes you actually apply it to your real life.

In this case, when you are reading my blog, I have no control over your environment. So, the results may be varies from one person to another. However, I"ll try my best to deliver the most of it from what I can still remember.

Today, I"ll be revealing the first step to create the lasting change which is …

Raise Your Standard

Yes. You hear it right. It"s raise your standard.

Many people say that it sounds stupid because everybody knows that but few are actually success. Well, I should say that the question is not what people know. It is what people actually do.

Let me give you an example. There are so many books out there in the market that teach people to be rich, to become a millionaire; to fire their boss and the list goes on. Some of them are even bestsellers and have sold millions and millions of copies.

BUT, do all the readers become rich at the end of the day or at least practicing the principle taught in the books? The answer is a BIG FAT NO!

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Why is this happen? Is it because of the book that"s not good enough? Probably not, because there are some people who have read the book and actually take the actions outpost free download download urban justice dvdrip to change their lives.

So, the conclusion is, it"s not what you know, it"s what you do.

Oops … I"m sorry, my class will start in 10 minutes. I"ll share more about raising your standard with you tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can ponder on what I have just pointed out and leave your comment to share what you think with us.

At the same time, you can check this link out

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Stay tune!

Speak soon.

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    • raymond

      Hi Lisaq,

      Love to see you here.

      I’m glad to make you think of something :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      This is my third time trying to forward mail to you due to computer fault I being test don’t know what’s wronged.
      Thanks for sharing this post I’ve read it yesterday hope this time it reached you.
      I agree about raise your standard but end of the day it’s again about taking action. Why is it hard to take action? In my opinion those wonderful book displayed on shelves, can it be easily understood the messages the authors trying to reveal? Hey, I’m talking about each and everyone of us are different in our journey in understanding knowledges. But anyway we have no worries here, as Raymond’s blog is always here to guide us on condition we take action. Thanks again for creating this blog it really does help. Secondly could it because we have doubt we are not certain of new things that yet to explore coz we still entertain the negatives thought such as will it works, is this so, will it benefit and so on. Thirldy we do not have a burning desire or dream that goals and many more can be listed here. Perhaps we meet again from one post to another.
      Now I found the Related Articles I thought I’ve lost it yesterday, sorry about this. See you then till we meet again.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Yes! I do agree with you that action is equally important.

      This is just step 1 out of 3. More to come later ;)

      Thank god that you have found the related article part. :)

    • Brian

      You are so right. So many folks expect that their manifestations will drop on their heads from the sky, but one must act on the inspiration that come from within.

    • raymond

      Hi Brian,

      I agree with you. That is a very common mistake.

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