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“Do you know what you really want?” This question had haunted me for years.

I was always uncertain in my life. I did not have life’s direction. I did now what why I’m here. I just did what I was asked to. I did not know what I really want.

But thank god that I am not alone. Most people don’t really know what they want too.

There was once I ask a friend what he really wants in his life, and immediately, his answer to my question is none other than “MONEY”. I was amazed. Wow!

Then I continue to ask, “why you want money?”

“I don’t know”, was his reply after a short silence.

This incident really caught my attention and made me think real hard. Then I come to a conclusion.

Most of us have been programmed to like what other wants rather than what we really want.

Think about this for a second.

When we were young, we were told to study hard so that we can go to the university to get a degree, master or a PhD. After that, we’ll be able to get a good high paying job with a bunch of benefits from the company and eventually we’ll be freaking RICH!

I’m not sure if you have had the same message hammered into your head (different culture may have different message) but that’s what I was told and programmed.

Maybe you can share with me some of the message or words or phrases you have received when you were young.

This is where the title of today’s article comes in which is how you can determine what you really want in your life

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and not what others want?

Answer the question with a question

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To find the answer to the question above, you must first ask yourself, “What makes you feel less than satisfied in your life?” Find out what irritates you or what you don’t like.

The opposite of the answers are the thing that you really want in your life.

Another way to ask yourself is, if you have a month of free time, where you have no dateline to chase, no work to do and no things to worry about,

What will you do?

Where will you go?

Who will you meet?

How will you spend your time?

The answer you get will be the key to find out what you really want in your life.

Once you have find out what you really want in your life, attract it with the Law of Attraction, can you?

Go go go, do this exercise now and share with me what you get from it? What messages have you received when you were young? Share it!

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      The message is, whatever will be, will be the future not for us to see, do you know this song title I bet you do.
      Yeah, it depend on culture, some won’t know what the want simply follow the tradition. Let just said if you were raised from a business minded family normally they want you to follow their step, keep the tradition going. I’ve seen doctor being doctor just to fulfilled family wishes. But quietly he still pursue his passion his ambitious is to be an artist the painted just like Vincent(Starry,Starry Night)Don McLean, perhaps. Hope you don’t mind me sharing here one good song.
      At time Raymond, it is not that we do not know what we want. It just that it has yet come to us, yes, the questions is good. It will naturally comes to us what we want to do few years time. Is this what I really want where will it lead. It does make sense to create a vision is that you don’t, someone else will do it for you. Someone refer to family, friends, media or tradition and etc. Okay, that all so much got to say about the future. Thank for today post.

    • Dining Room Tables

      Let me throw my hat in the ring after Rose has been so eloquent. If by the law of attraction I wish to attract what I want, it will be, let us say, happiness. The law will give it to me. Quite how is not for me to worry about. I may want to be Mother Teresa, but the law may decide otherwise and make me a Internet entrepreneur and give me all the happiness I can handle. It may just enable me to handle both kinds of pursuits, one financing the other!

    • Rina

      I wonder if you’ve ever heard of ‘the Passion Test’. There’s actually a book on it. It’s supposed to help you discover which paths to follow in life by finding out your true passion. I saw the book at MPH and am wondering whether or not it’s worth buying. Can anyone comment?

    • Benjamin

      Good post. Caught me dead in my tracks.

      What do I want?

      How am I programmed?

      What would I do?

      I want a meaningful life, and I get meaning out of making a difference in others life. Being loved, and loving back. Money would give me freedom to worry less, and enjoy more. Living my life with passion. To get there I would need to do as programmed, to get an education and climb the cooperate ladder.

      I want to be able to enjoy life moment by moment, living day by day, but in a responsible and accountable way.

      How to achieve all this will begin with commitment and energy, and this is attainable through lifestyle, diet and commitment.

      With my warmest regards,

      Day 10 – 30 challenge

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for sharing your point of view and some interesting examples. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Rina,

      I’m sorry that I have not read the book yet.

      But thanks for recommending the book. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      Seems that you have found what you really want. :)

    • Nicole Price

      If I had a month off, I’d catch up on all the movies I’ve been missing, meet old friends, go on a holiday. But these are just leisurely activities. One cannot live doing just all this. Work is a necessary evil. Money is a means to an end, ie, a comfortable life. How much a man desires, depends on what he expects from his life and how he wants to lead it.

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      That sounds very interesting and relaxing. I begin to feel the fun. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Not worrying or not fixing the way it comes to us is a part of the BIG secret.

      That’s a portion of the Law of Love which is closely related to the Law of Attraction.

      Too many people disobey the Law of Love that they fail to optimize the power of the Law of Attraction.

    • Tomas

      What do I want? …
      When I hear the question, but have nothing to answer that becomes hard to bear. The truth looks strange – is it possible to want nothing?
      But I have no time for wanting anything indeed. I am rejoicing over the life I have.
      Maybe, the word rejoicing was too sound there, maybe statement I am breathing would fit better there, but the essence remains the same. I am writing to you now and one and only my worry is what to say. That’s a problem because I want to say just Hi, but that’s too short – I want to talk and I am doing that, but the question was “what do I want?”
      I know what I need, but can I name that my dream?

    • raymond

      Hi Tomas,

      I love your comment. I totally got what you want to say. :)

      It’s always nice to meet people who think differently from me. It gives me a new perspective to see something.

      Thank you for your sharing, Tomas.

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    • Michelle Vandepas

      My blog posts this month are all about manifesting money in your life. What I notice is that money will take any projections you have in your life. So money is a great indicator of belief systems that hold you back in other areas of your life as well. Great post.

    • PreSchool Mama

      If I had a month off work, I’d spend more time with my family. I’ve been losing my work life balance lately. Nice post as usual, Ray!

    • raymond

      Hi Michelle,

      I love the post about money. Money is an indicator of belief system for most people.

    • raymond

      Hi PreSchool Mama,

      I hope you’ll regain your balance soon.

    • Chris Cade

      I’ve found that what I really want… and it seems to be what everybody really wants when the break it down to the bare bones essentials is that we all just want to feel at peace. We want to feel like things are okay.

      After all, if we feel like things are okay then all the money in the world doesn’t matter. And if we feel like things aren’t okay, then all the money in the world still doesn’t matter (although it does make certain practical issues a bit easier to deal with)

    • raymond

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for sharing.

      I agree with you but different people has their own ways or methods to achieve their peaceful life.

    • décor mirrors

      What i want in life is just to be happy. Nothing else.

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