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In one of my article, “The First baby Step” 007 quantum of solace divx movie online

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, I said that we do not have to know or own every skills to get started in whatever business that you want to do.

(Bear in mind that taking massive action is a big piece of puzzle in the Law of Attraction)

Note also that, I didn’t say you do not need any skill at all. What I mean was we can learn the necessary skills as we go on. Sometimes, we wouldn’t know what skills we need until we come to it.

And when you know that you need certain skills, don’t just sit there. Learn it!

So, here’s how you can learn new skills.

First, pick some great books or magazines on the subject you want to improve and read them all. That will give you a huge exposure to the specific subject.

One of my mentors, Stephen Pierce said that it is not hard to be an expert in a field and he really means ANY

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He said that all we have to do is go to Amazon and pick the top 5 books that has the best reviews, purchase it and read them.

That will make you as the expert in that particular field overnight!

Sounds simple?

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That’s not all. Reading alone may help you to understand the concept and some of the technical jargons but not sharpening your skills.

Let’s say you want to learn the skill of investing. So, you bought the top 5 books about investing and read them all. That would not make you the expert in the investment field.

(Perhaps that will make you understand the terminology and jargons such as bear, bull, long, short, candlestick chart and moving average, how to calculate the data … etc but it won’t make you a wise investor)

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The most important thing to become and expert is to apply the knowledge that you have learned. The books just serve as a guideline, not a magic potion.

You can’t be a famous chef just by reading the recipe book. You need to actually cook the dish, taste it and make some improvement. It’s kind of trial and error. The recipe book just shortens your learning curve but in the end of the day, you still have to apply the knowledge and reap some experience from it.

I’ll share another powerful method to learn any skills you want with you in the next post.

Meanwhile, I’d appreciate it if you can leave a comment to share what you think with me.

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    • Dining Room Tables

      I am back bugging you Raymond. In the real world, how one learns a new skill is quite simple. He learns theory, either through books or by word of mouth. He observes a skilled person doing the task. He does the task under the supervision of the expert. He then goes off on his own, once his mentor says that he is ready. Simple, fool proof system. The old fashioned apprentice system that still works, even in the high tech IT businesses.

      Reading a book, and going off on your own is all very well if you either have a very rich and indulgent parent or in-laws. If you are on your own and starting off on a shoe string budget, become an apprentice. You will find mentors if you look hard enough.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for “bugging” me and keep this blog alive. :P

      What a wonderful sharing from you. Thanks for laying that out.

      It’d pretty much like a step-by-step idiot proof system. :)

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