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How To Let Go?

July 22, 2008 | 5 Comments

Last week, we have discussed about letting go as a part of the process of manifestation and how the action of “not letting go” fails the Law of Attraction.

I received quite a lot of feedbacks and questions since then.

The most frequently ask question is, “How to let go?”

(Perhaps you have the same question in mind too)

I can understand that since most of us are trained to attach ourselves to our goals.

This article is written to answer the question.

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Most probably you have understood and able to accept the importance of letting your dreams go but still not very sure on how to let your dreams go or what do I really mean by the phrase “letting go”.

Here’s how. You must have a strong faith that it will be manifested to you. Or better still; believe that you already own it. Don’t be surprise if it comes to you. Instead, be surprise if it doesn’t.

Let’s take the breathing process as an example:

When you breathe, have you ever felt worry or doubtful that there’s not enough air around for you to inhale when you take the next breath? (unless your nostril is blocked)

Of course not!

We believe that there is abundance of air around us and we don’t have to ask where it comes from, how it comes to us, or when will the air come to you. We just breathe!

(If you are going to ask these questions for every breathe you take, then I guess you must be the busiest man in the world)

Letting go doesn’t mean you stop breathing. It means forget about it consciously and let the unconscious level of your mind to take care about it.

That’s how things should be when it comes to manifesting your goal with the Law of Attraction. Letting go doesn’t mean forget your goals completely. It just means that you don’t have to worry about it, have faith in it and let the subconscious level of your mind to work its way out and have it manifested to you. rescued dvd

If you don’t trust the universe, then why should the universe trust you and work together with you.

It’s hard to trust something that hasn’t happen

Imagine you are driving on the road and suddenly, you notice a truck rushing towards you. Obviously, the truck driver is driving in the wrong lane and you believe that in the next second, it’s going to hit you and hit you real hard.

A lot of thoughts come into your mind within the particular millisecond. You can hear the crushing sound, how your car fly high up in the air and the pain that you will be experienced from the high impulse, burning fire and the cuts from the broken glasses. You can trust, believe and feel what’s going to happen EVEN BEFORE it REALLY happens.

The next thing you do is turn your car away as fast as you could and thus avoid the accident. Nothing happens. Both you and your car are still in one piece.

Let’s flash back

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Do you know what you have done just now? You have just created a strong unwavering believe, faith and trust that the truck is going to hit you right to your face. Is that hard?

If you can create such a strong believe to something that you never want, why not create some powerful believe on something that you really want. Make sense.

This is one of the many missing pieces of the Law of Attraction. There’re more.

How I apply the knowledge divx willow

I spoilt my camera last month. I brought my camera into an ice factory where the temperature is very much below zero degree Celsius. When I came out from the factory, the screen of the camera showed me 2 words, “Lens error” and it’s not working anymore.

So, I went to a shop to shop for cameras. This time, I don’t want to pay it with the money I earn (since I don’t urgently need it but I still want it). It could be a gift from someone, some unexpected income such as lucky draw, or whatever it is. I’m not going to fix the way on how it will come to me.

So, here’s what I do:

After I have found the one that I want (including the color and specification), I grabbed the catalogue, go home, cut it and paste it on my vision wall where I can see it every morning.

Each morning, when I wake up, I would stare at the picture of my camera and ask myself, “What picture do I want to take with my new camera?”. At this point, I don’t have it yet but I make myself believe that I already have it and do not need it.

I’m just going to act as if I already have it. After I got the idea on what picture I want to take, I’d visualize it for a while, and forget about it for the rest of the day (let go) until the moment before I go to bed. I’ll do the same thing again and the cycle goes on.

I won’t be surprise if it comes true because I believe in the universe and I trust the Law of Attraction. I hope you’ll find this missing piece useful and I’m looking forward to hear what you think.

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    • Dining Room Tables

      That is a very good example of using the camera as a goal. Clearly sets out how the attracting works. Thank you.

    • raymond

      Today, I visualize myself taking some videos with the camera and share it on Youtube. :)

    • Kadin Stil

      Thanks for this great tip.

    • raymond

      You’re welcome, Kadin. :)

    • décor mirrors

      Letting go is the most difficult part but if you will just try, you will be more happier.

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