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It is a wonderful morning, after I visualized my goal with some help from one of my most powerful tools, my favorite Attraction Accelerator not as a stranger online ; I quickly went to get myself ready for my class.

After taking the nice breakfast I"m grateful for, I head myself straight towards my student"s house. It is really a wonderful day. I find a parking lot just right in front of his house (usually full). Cool!

I quickly get my briefcase and my laptop and eagerly walk towards the door and ring the bell. I feel so excited that I can"t wait to start my lesson. He is a cute little kid, you see and this is one of my platforms to teach and spread the concept of the Law of Attraction.

Kids have simple and naïve mind. This means, we can shape their mind, believe and their thinking easily. My goal is to set a solid positive core believe within them before they get polluted with all the negativities from the world around them. download monster the

My student opens the door for me and I can tell you that I am so glad to see him. Without wasting more time, I begin to give him an English lesson. His exam is just around the corner and his mum is trying to give him extra classes just to make sure that he will do well in his test.

Oh, for your information, when I begin to teach, I"m no longer an ordinary Raymond. I see myself as Anthony Robbins grace is gone download

1492 conquest of paradise dvd

and my student (s) as my audience. That"s a self-image I give to myself.

Perhaps this can explain why I like to teach so much and my students just love it when I pump up their energy level just like what Anthony Robbins does on the stages.

There is so much to learn today. I need to finish up 2 topics with him in this single lesson.

The first half of the hour is a little bit though. He tells me that it is too hard and too much for him to remember and there is no way he could do the worksheets. Immediately, I notice that those are his self-limiting belief. I can"t teach him further unless I can first change this thought and eliminate it.

I spend the next half and hour “washing” his brain with the concept of self-limiting believe. Of course, I don"t use all the terminology like self-limiting belief, visualization pride and prejudice free and Law of Attraction when it comes to a kid.

I would rather use simple words and more examples to make them understand.

I begin by asking him:

“Have you ever… (to be continue in the next post)

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    • zaki blogjer

      how lucky that boy. Learn LOA at very young age. He could be the next Anthony Robbins.

    • raymond

      I agree with you and his parent don’t even know that! That’s the exciting part.

      I wish for his success too. :)

    • zul

      is any music or song can influence our loa?

    • raymond

      Hi Zul,

      Thanks for your email.

      There are musics that activate different part of our brains.

      I have come across to musics that are design to activate the Mathematics learning part of our brain, for English speaking user only.

      There are also musics to activate the drawing capabilities of the brain of people who speaks French only and the list goes on.

      All right back to your question. When it comes to LOA, I would recommend you Attraction Accelerator music. It tap into the creativity and visualization part of our brain and the best thing is that, it is not limited to the languages we speak.

      I hope that helps. :)

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    • zaki blogjer

      well, interesting. any music for baby?

    • raymond

      Yes Zaki,

      The Attraction Accelerator.

      That’s the only one I know. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      At last I’ve found it as promise here it is remember the question about any music for baby? Ha..ha.. here it is I thank God for showing me the post again. LOA really works right, these few days I being telling myself I hope I found it poor thing Raymond have to look for it half an hour I feel bad that moment. While going through all past articles I was shown to the post I once read, thank God happy as can be. You can inform the reader if he wants to know.
      Raymond you are really a good teacher when you teach you really teach wish to get some tips from you someday. Raymond the Attraction Accelerator music what was it like I mean does if sound more like classical music. I was at KL Bookfair PWTC there was one booth selling same product concern the subconscious mind they played me this music with different frequency level it’s very relaxing they do sound like classical music too. I ofen heard some said take the 30 beat or the 60 beat wonder what that suppose to mean.
      Sorry again, I’ll continue some other time worry I’ll drag one story to another. Thank again for sharing the post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Yeah. The Law of Attraction really works. Amazing isn’t it?

      The Attraction Accelerator is a music specially design by a group of scientist to increase the capability of our brain enormously.

      Attraction Accelerator is a calm music to tune your brainwave to the most creative state. It helps you to generate tons of new ideas.

      Another track that comes with it is Attraction Activator. This music brings out the burning desire within you and unconsciously, It will create a huge momentum for you towards your goal.

      I really love them all.

      I hope that explanation clear to you. :P

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for the explanation regarding the Attraction Accelerator yes the creative state only occured at Alpha level I knew about the 4 brainwaves at time it between Alpha and Beta. Thanks too about Attraction Activator. From the way you described it made ones want to purchase it. Thanks again.
      PS It seem that I have lost track of all comments made, wonder where have I planted all the roses have yet to retrieve it back. Nevermind I search for it again.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Glad to learn that you know about the brainwave stuff too. ;)

      Thank you for planting so many roses in my blog’s garden. It’s beautiful.

      You can search for those roses from the search bar above the blogrush at the right side bar. :)

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