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Hi Folks,

Up to this point, I"m sure that you have read all the posts for creating long lasting changes.

However, if you missed some of them, here are the links to catch up with the previous posts:

How to Create Long Lasting Changes

Raise Your Standard

Don’t Get In A Way Of Your Self Limiting Belief

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Change Your Strategy

Well this post is to summarize all the steps that we have been discussed last week.

According to Anthony Robbins

, there are 3 crucial steps that we must follow in order to create long lasting changes.

The first step is to raise our standard. You need to see yourself differently and act differently. If you want to be healthy, stop acting like a sick and weak person. Walk energetically, smile always and exercise regularly … just to name a few. In another word, change your state.

The next step is to eliminate your self limiting belief. Never ever let your self limiting belief from sabotaging yourself. You must go in alignment with your goal and not in the opposite direction.

If you act as a healthy person, see yourself as a healthy person but if you don"t believe it in or you keep on believe that you are a weak and sick person with all the diseases all over your body, you are not on track.

The third step which is also the last step is to change your strategy. This is the action part. Nothing will happen if you do not take any action. If you want to be healthy, what are the actions that you need to change and take in order to achieve your goal?

It could be taking in the right food, watch your diet and exercise regularly and correctly.

With this 3 powerful steps, it is almost impossible for you to create a long and lasting change. download house bunny the

Some readers actually emailed me to ask if there"s any one size fits all techniques that I use to implement these 3 steps.

Well, to answer that question, I don"t think I can help you for the first 2 steps because it actually comes from the end of your mind.

However, for the 3rd step, there is away that I can recommend you to do. In fact, I highly recommend that to anybody who wants changes.

I personally use Attraction Accelerator divx stargate continuum audio for my visualization process. Yes, you need to purchase it for only $29.95 and what I can tell you is that the result is Amazing! Here’s the link to order it if you are interested or just wanna check it out.

It helps to achieve any goal you want from financial gain to quit smoking to weight loss, to improve relationship.

I really hope that you can make use of these great tips and change your life forever. free mickey s house of villains

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    • James – Creator Of The Ladder Of Dreams

      Hey Raymond,

      Anthony Robbins methods not only can create long lasting changes but allows you to create break through’s in your life that you never thought possible before.

      I have the attraction accelerator and it"s an amazing little product.


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      I love attraction accelerator very much and it has helped me so much in many ways.

      What would I do without it. ;)

      I would like to express my gratitude to the creator of Attraction Accelerator.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for the final post and good summarize. It stated more on positive emotion to make things work. I agree about getting alignment with your goal and beware of the self limiting belief and the word ‘sabotaging’. Just my comments, it will still take more than determination, dedication and discipline for sometime, to make these guidelines as a habit, a part of yourself a second nature. Hey, I’m not being negative here except that I’ve met people find it difficult implementing all because they not familiar with but to those who are keen enough will go for it making changing a fast move on whatsoever they aiming for, thanks again for today post.

    • James – Creator Of The Ladder Of Dreams

      Hey Rose,

      Actually you have the answer within your comments for those who still find it difficult to follow through. You mentioned “but to those who are keen enough” and it brings back the age old question.

      Is the goal a “must have” or “should have”? To a person with a “do or die” goal, he will either do it or die, he WILL do it.

      So the question is not determination, dedication or discipline but is it important enough for the person to do it. Because if it is, that same person will find ways to get all the determination, dedication or discipline necessary to make it happen.

      Just my 2 cts worth. :)


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      Thanks for the answer. I totally agree with you. If the WHY is strong enough, they will find the HOW to achieve the goal.

      For those who find it hard to achieve their goals, I would recommend The Ladder of Dreams created by James.

      Here’s the FREE download link

    • Rose

      Hi James,
      I’m refering to those who are not familiar what’s it means to have positive emotion you can say it that I refer to the beginners, not the intermediate or advance. I didn’t make myself clear there some misunderstanding here. Nice meeting you.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      What an interesting conversation we have here.

      In my opinion, motivation are all around us. It’s just there for us to find out.

      Look at the metamorphosis stages of a butterfly. It teaches us a lot of things about life. That’s only one of millions examples. The knowledge are surrounding us. :) Abundance, remember.

      I say this because I believe that there’s no or very little motivational books and seminars during the time of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Einstein and yet they have made such a great achievement.

      Therefore, I conclude that they began somewhere from an ordinary people (beginners) just like you and me.

      “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

      Just to share my thought. ;)

    • James – Creator Of The Ladder Of Dreams

      Hey Rose,

      Nice meeting you too :)

      Actually, the point I was stating works by default for beginners as it is a basic human instinct.

      Just like a kid studying for exam, he knows his goal is to pass or score a certain percentage or he will face the consequences, from parents or teachers or conscience, etc. So he finds the determination, dedication or discipline to study well.

      I think all of us went through that stage so we should be familiar with it. :D


    • Rose

      Hi Raymond and James,
      Thanks for responding I got it as I don’t wish to prolong subject matter. Raymond I’ve typed out long explanation on my side of views but again it got deleted how frustrating may be my laptop need services.
      I retype again, it sound like someone sending resignation letter, just kidding.
      Will try other means in sending messages. Among the many messages written is we are people of many colors in characters and opinions. Okay guy thanks alot. Raymond will see you soon provided my laptop runs well. It’s sad but just don’t attract it remember LOA. Take care.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I’m glad that you are applying the LOA in your daily life. :)

      That’s the way it should be. ;)

      I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for having such a nice and constructive conversation here today. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      I’m testing this messages whether can it reached you my got deleted again. Wow! what a challenge testing my patience.
      Will forward you message just hope it’s not my last.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      What I didn’t know is we as readers can actually interact to each other most of the post I’ve read never say so and make me think that it’s not a practise here. We hardly say hello to each other as neighbour may be all of us are shy at last ended giving comments to you only. I’ve long to ask you this it just didn’t come to my mind until now.
      You see all of us here are like stranger in the ‘net’ we hardly know each other none do we have chance to meet unless you attended same seminar held. Still we try our best respect and acknowledge each other opinion and judgemnet as everyone has the right to give comments.
      I didn’t see any interaction here just like the one I’ve seen you chattering lively with your counterpart in other blogs which I admire most just let it be a secret will not revealed. That type of interaction I long it to be here as well. But nevermind most of us are very shy I supposed. When there dispute you make yourself invisible when things cool down you reappeared. Nice and good strategy I can say that good tactics.
      You see Raymond not all of us find it easy interact to you due to limited usage. I believe there are many would love interact to you but find it difficult at time. All of us are different in absorbing knowledge what more expressing ourselves. At time we misunderstood what being said or meant.
      The conclusion here always ask what do we really understand or meant. You see we are all people of many colors in charaters or opinion. This is so as we can appreciate the beauty creation of this world it is bored dealing with one color tone don’t have to agree with me it just an opinion.
      Okay, back to your question about those famous inventors the ordinary people or beginner. Though there no motivational book written much or seminar during their time they turned famous, gifted, genius I aware of this what more they being guides by subconscious or super subconscious which they don’t even know. Hey, we can be like them but be more passionate and more love in what you doing.
      Just like yourself this is just my thought nobody perfect as we are all still learning. If I have said something wrong said nicely to me what do I really means what have I misunderstood make things clear for me. Then we can see caring and lovable people are still around helping each other. Don’t you agree? Doesn’t matter if you don’t think so.
      Okay, that’s all I have to say.
      Remember Always
      Roses Are Red

      PS Hey, did you know that I’m not the only Rose here I stumbled another Rose but it’s blue in color meaning she a blogger from State nice blog she have there.
      PSS Hope this is not my last comments unless you don’t want me here no more.
      PSSS Nice knowing you I take this opportunity thanking all readers for their comments it really help and to you thank you so much for creating such lovely website. Thanks.

    • lisaq

      i use the attraction accelerator too and i love it! not only does it help focus my visualizations, it also improves my mood and increases my energy level…what a fabulous tool! :) great post raymond! the 3 steps are so important…i especially like the third, changing your strategy…someone said that doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity…you have to change the strategy and follow the inspired action you receive!

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I’m sorry to hear that your laptop is bugging you again. Every challenge makes us stronger. :)
      (sometimes, my laptop treat me like that too)

      Blog is a good interface for virtual interaction. I hardly interact with people day in and day out except with my students and their parents. (sometimes through seminars and mastermind meeting)

      The only way for me to interact with people is through blogs, forums, emails and websites. There are pros and cons in everything. ;)

      I retreat when there’s too much negative energy. That’s because I understand how the law of attraction works and try not to resonate or affected by the negative energy. :)

      I love to read people’s comment on my blog. It brings me closer to my readers and helps me to understand their need so that I can give what my readers want. That’s one of the reasons why I reply to every comment. ;)

      I agree with you with the beauty of variation. To me, a tropical forest is much more beautiful than a plantation. Why? Because of the variation.

      Different people may have different opinion. That’s why human race are so advance. It’s because we are able to open our mind to accept different opinion and therefore able to see things at different perspectives and make use of the differences to our own benefits.

      Talking about subconscious mind. I have read an ebook about it lately. It’s amazing. I’ll share that in my blog soon. ;)

      Sometimes, there’s no right or wrong is certain things. It’s just depends on which angle we see things from.

      For example, when we see a tiger killing a goat for its food. Some may think that it’s the right thing to do while some will say otherwise. Whatever it is, it’s always right from the tiger’s perspective. That’s their nature and that’s what they do. ;)

      Misunderstanding does happen in the virtual world as we can’t express our voice, tone and pitch in the writing.

      I would usually choose to let it go and forget about it because I am aware that the more I think of misunderstanding, the more I’ll attract it.

      There are a lot of roses in this world. Again, variation! :P

      Have a great day, Rose.

      I hope your laptop will get well soon.

      Happy surfing and enjoy my articles. :)
      And don’t forget to leave comments ;)

    • raymond

      Hi Lisaq,

      I’m so happy to have another friend who use Attraction Accelerator. Most of the people that I know who use the attraction accelerator claim that it change their life and the way they visualize.

      It simply put our brain into the alpha state and that’s the state where hunch, ideas, “six sense” flows in.

      As a blogger who write an article a day. I really need it and it has become a part of my life. :)

      I do agree with you about “changing your strategy”

      Nobody can bake a vanilla cake if they follow the chocolate cake recipe to the letter.

      We need to change the strategy by adding vanilla instead of the chocolate. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      I’m testing again my laptop not working reply to your responses got deleted again internal explorer couldn’t process my messages got to retype again. Will make another attempt trying again. See you soon if everything run well. Pray for my laptop so I could get in touch to your blog. CU hopefully.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Perhaps you can consider to write it somewhere else first. Then, copy and paste it to my comment box. If it doesn’t work, you can paste the same thing later on.

      Just a little suggestion from me ;)

      But, of course I will pray for the recovery of your laptop too. ;)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      I’m back again what a day my laptop is in a sad mood like the owner. Wow! I’m retyping again just hope everything written is in my head. Thank for responses it is now more like you and it made lots of senses I’m glad I got the answers. I thought I’m halfway on a jet plane but something stop me.
      Yes, I agree blog is a good interface for virtual interaction. Coz of it powerful networking or cybernet we got to meet and exchanged knowledge without traveling all over. Just wait when conference become a common thing with a low budget where everyone can afford. Then I got to see my favorite blogger from all over the world.
      Though there are pros and cons in everything I still remain steady don’t get overeacted.
      I too don’t like inviting negative energy but stillyet to understand resonate and will not prolong certain subject matter and won’t put up any fight coz I’m easy just don’t attract negative thought.
      How true can it be commenting is the only way you can get to know someone just like I’m doing now. I get to know your character more for a moment I thought you being impartial due to yesterday incident hey, there ain’t no way to treat a lady ok let bygone be bygone.
      Yes, look closer at those tropical forest did you see the different shape of leaves, colors, trunk, height, atmosphere etc. Wherease the plantation one sequences, same height, one color etc. Don’t fall to the category of people who look but do not see.
      Here my favorite topic different people with different opinion. As said earlier we are people of many colors character and opinion due to our belief, cultures, thinking, practise etc we are all people from different walk of like with so much differences be open minded then it benefit us all especially when it it shower with loves and care. Hey, don’t get me wrong we are stranger in the “net” we can only loves and care from a distant. The one close to you deserve your attention. Though we are stranger in the “net” it is more exciting in exchanging ideas, thought, comments etc. Different thinking yet from same planet.
      Will wait for your comming post regard subconscious I’ve been reading lots about it too. Will loves to share knowledges of what you think and comments.
      I think the best is that we look it as a whole it the right brain job. When you see at certain angle that’s all you get but don’t worry I know what you meant seeing from different angle. Just like the tiger case that’s called survival.
      As said above misunderstanding does happen in the virtual world as we can"t express our voice, tone and pitch in the writing. Just then wait for live conference it will solve everything if not all.
      Yes, I choose to let go too enjoy the joy of love and care then the world be a better place SMILE ALWAYS COZ YOU BE INVITING POSITIVE EMOTION.
      Then I choose to be roses of multi color then I can do multi tracking of what the mind can do ie multi cross sensing of what the brain can do this good for children it you lucky it can last till old age. Another interesting subject matter.
      Have a great day too, Raymond.
      Yes, my laptop still taking medication.
      I always enjoy surfing reading your blog post.
      Sure I always will leave comments as it refresh my memory of book read that is why I like to share. I pray that this message reached you or I got to wait day after day.
      Yet to response today post see you again. Thanks again for all your responses.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thank God it reached you.
      Thank you for your littel suggestion I’ve thought of that earlier but the mouse not available when it does it not functioning smoothly. Thanks again,

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I just can’t wait to share the knowledge on subconscious mind as I have been hypnotized myself for 2 nights before I sleep and the results is amazing. ;)

      Our brain is really powerful. My next mission will be practicing to drop my brainwave to theta and delta state and remain conscious at the same time.

      It may take years but who cares, I still have a very long life. :P

      Looks like your laptop is recovering. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      This is interesting at last I’ve found someone with same interest I’ve been keeping to myself all this while as nobody likes listening my talk about subconscious mind they said it too complicated.
      I better re read all info and book that I once knows so it will be easy interacting to you later.
      Wow! you made it for self hypnotized I read about that too except that I never try. Yes, it got lot to do with the brainwaves remember other day I said that may be someday we talk about it. Some even said that we have been self hynotized and we didn’t know such as like driving how do you know you reached your destination and know all those familiar route without even focus these just few of the example.
      Yes, our brain is really powerful yet we didn’t know let us dig then and share knowledge.
      If that the case stay positive, think positive and stay healthy hey, this sound familiar. Then you can experiences and explore many new things about the brain and it’s really amazing.
      You just have no idea that I’ve been running from one laptop to another one on medication other waiting for servicing for confirguration my fault I didn’t ask the man to do same time now I’m in trouble worst come to worst I’ll run to the desktop. I just surviving through hope all these devices are good to me I attract that or I have to wait.
      Okay, will seeing you again. Have a nice day.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Wow! You have a deep interest in subconscious mind too.

      I’ll be waiting for your comments then, for my coming post about subconscious mind. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      I do have interest in subconscious mind but it is not that deep. It just a little bit there a little bit here coz I’m still learning. Okay, will give comments on whatever I know.
      We learn so much from your written articles first the LOA, Conscious and Subconscious, Negative and Positive thought and latest the Brainwaves. If only you touch about molecules how wonderful as all of this is connected but nevermind what you have had that’s good enough. Thanks again.

    • raymond

      Hey Rose,

      Yeah, I would like to touch about the molecules and particles too. I want to explain the LOA by using Heisenberg Uncertainity Law, De Broglie’s duality law, Einstein’s relativity law and other parameters and operators in the Mathematics formulas of Quantum Mechanics.

      However, I’m afraid that I would neglect other readers at the same time and this blog will end up to be a Physics blog ;)

      I’m aware that different people has different point of interest.

      So, In order to avoid that, I can only explain it in plain English. I try not to touch on the formula though it’s one of my interests. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Actually I was refering to an Anatomy the biology sorry I have confused you. But I do realise too that it is not relevan as it will be to tough for readers. It’s okay I understand. Sorry again and I thank you.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      So you are referring to biology.

      Sorry that I was carried away to Maths and Physics. :)

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