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When nobody around you seems to live up, it is time to test your yardstick. ~ Bill Lemley

I’m bossy. Luckily, I get away with it most of the time. I’ve got a supportive girlfriend, and employees members that attempt to please. However I have to tell you, it’s stressful – needing to maintain such a high standard in everything I do… and everything everyone else will! Perfectionism is tough.

A perfectionist is a one who ‘strives for flawlessness and sets excessively high performance standards’. While perfectionists are sensible at obtaining things done well, we have a tendency to can be manipulative and demanding. We are at risk of distress and irritation if things aren’t just the manner we tend to like them. We have a tendency to are driven to perform, to constantly make enhancements, to ‘get it right’, not just smart enough.

Thus… maybe you are a perfectionist. Maybe you live or work with one. If so, it will be as stressful for family and friends as it is for you. Here are six tips to decrease your stress levels and help you relax.

Breathe. Deep breaths. Several of them! OK. Now, take a moment to remind yourself that maybe it’s sensible enough. That this just one occasion, it doesn’t have to be totally perfect.

Notice. Take time to work out what is right with matters or project. Perfectionists see thorns however not roses. They note weeds but not flowers. Train yourself to listen to what is already smart.

Re-evaluate. Look at the project from another purpose of view. Most individuals – those most affected with the results of your efforts – probably will not even notice the minute details you want to enhance. Ask yourself, “Is what I am asking (or demanding) necessary or perhaps practical? What is the cost in time, effort and cash to stay pushing for perfection?”

Remember 80/20. The 80/20 rule says you get 80% of your results from simply 20% of your effort. If your project is 80% complete, the last 20% will most likely not build enough difference to matter. It certainly will be to justify a ‘come back on investment’ for those last tweaks and changes you wish to accomplish.

Praise. Acknowledge effort and thank those who are concerned. Gratitude is powerful. It not only improves morale, it makes you more how a lot of is already done. A sincere ‘thanks’ additionally helps your team members to be more supportive the next time you push them toward perfection.

Laugh. Humor is a great de-stressor. When you are feeling that internal pressure to stay striving, take a laughter break. Get around people who make you’re feeling relaxed and happy. Watch funny movies or read online jokes – something that will sidetrack your intense drive to do a lot of.

Perfectionists price themselves by what they accomplish rather than who they are. They set very high goals and are driven to always accomplish a lot of. a lot of. The result is stress – on them, and on everyone around them.

When you acknowledge the pressure within yourself to push tougher, ask yourself these four simple questions.

    *  Is this goal something I really want or is it based on an try for approval?


    *  Is it affordable and do-ready or am I setting impossible standards?
    *  How can I enjoy the method not simply the end result?

Finally, ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen if it is not excellent?” Perspective is more important than effort, you can learn to acknowledge the symptoms of perfectionism and take steps to counteract them. You will be healthier, happier and live a more balanced life. And that sounds simply regarding perfect!

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      I am not a perfectionist. For me, if the job is done, I don’t mind a few rough edges. Working with perfectionists can be tough (and it must be hard for them to work with me!) but I think the best approach is to accept people as they are.

      • Raymond CHua

        I can understand that. :)

    • Hillary Bost

      Thanks for the great tips. I can be hard to relax, especially with all that is going on around the world. It is also hard for me sometimes because I work at home and don’t get too much interaction outside of the internet. I have a hard time being myself around other people cause I feel like I don’t know how to interact anymore.

      • Raymond CHua

        Wow! That’s how technology change the world and the way we behave entirely.

    • Joel Williams

      I always need more tips, I find it hard to relax when there is so much going on. Is it possible life gets in the way or enjoying yourself?

      • Raymond CHua

        Discipline helps, Joel.

        I do feel excited from time to time and find it hard to relax too. I do it anyway. :)

        • EastCoastBost

          That happens with me as well. I find routine really helps.

    • AnneV

      All good suggestions. It is sometimes hard to put something in your narrow focus, into the big picture. Breathing, and not sweating the small stuff helps!

      • Raymond CHua

        Hi Anne, I can relate. :)

    • textbooks

      Being yourself is something that i think few people are actually able to achieve. Because of all the social standards, it is hard to be who you truly are all the time.

    • GST Course

      It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

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