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Many people asked me how I remember my dreams. I have to admit that I can"t remember all my dreams either. Generally, we can only remember our dreams for the first 7 seconds after waking up (unless it has a very strong impact on you or you purposely program your mind to remember it.)

However, I can program my mind to remember the dreams I want and dream what I want. Again, I have to admit that I am still a beginner in this branch of science and I can"t dream of which stock counters are going to perform well tomorrow or future lottery number yet.

How Do You Know What You Are Going To Dream?

Fortunately, we can program our dreams too. It"s called Lucid Dreaming. In Lucid Dreaming download house of fear the free

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, you focus on what you want to dream right before you sleep. Meanwhile, keep telling your mind that you are going to remember your dream consciously.

You can solve your problems in your dreams too by telling your subconscious mind to find the solution for you while you sleep.

For example:

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“I want to dream of the solution to the technical problem I faced with my computer and remember it consciously.”


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“I want to dream of the ways and method to earn $5000 a month and remember it consciously.”

You can program whatever you want to dream and it is not limited to solving problems. You can program your mind to dream of your spouse who has gone oversea for business, dream of your happiness, dream of you feeling healthy and so on.

When you are trying to program your mind, don"t just do it once; Repeat the statement for at least 20 times. The more the better.

Make it the last thing in your mind before you fall asleep.

When you are asleep, your subconscious mind will send the vibration of thought to the universe and attract what you want back to you in the form of dreams.

Bear in mind that the Law of Attraction is always in action.

Test it out. Experiment with it and let me know your result (if possible and not too personal or private)

Happy Dreaming!

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    • http://leadershipforkids/ Todd Saunders

      Interesting thought in relation to this. Clinical Pyschololgist Andrew Fuller states that the last fifteen minutes of thoughts before we go to bed are cemented and mulled over in our sub concious for the night. What a great time to put positive feedback in your thoughts.

      Better still have a 15 minute chat with your kids, before they go to bed to let them know they can acheive anything in this world and that you love them without limits.

    • raymond

      Hi Todd,

      That is a good suggestion.

      I have never thought of that.

      Thank you for sharing your thought. :)

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    • Jason

      A great way to remember your dreams is by keeping a dream journal. It will train your mind to take a note of what it dreams about, as long as you write in it as soon as you awake.

      I wrote a post about this topic in my lucid dreaming blog, check it out if you want.

    • raymond

      Hi Jason,

      Yeah, I read about that. I have a pen and a paper just right beside my bed. :)

      Thanks for sharing it.

    • Jason

      Your welcome Raymond. Glad I could share it with you and your readers.

    • money attraction

      I come to know the lucid dream tonight,thank you raymond and Jason.

    • raymond

      Hi Money Attraction,

      This is a very good subject to study on.

    • Joanna Spilioti

      Very suggestive idea! I’ll pay more attention to my lucid dream, then try to remember something.

      • raymond

        Hi Joanna,

        Try it and let me know how it goes for you. :)

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