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How to set and achieve a goal

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I have just grabbed a copy last Saturday and I believe that the experience of using Arina’s product is still fresh in my mind.

So, allow me to give you my own personal honest review of the product.


Goal Setting Software

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Frankly, the interface of the software is very neat and clean but not very fun to play with (I’m comparing it with Adobe Photoshop software :) ). There’s no music and no interesting graphics. Just plain. Perhaps the purpose is to reduce the size of the file.

However, the capability of the software is huge. It really helps you to create a powerful goal statement. Damn, I spend more than an hour to play with it. I just can’t believe how powerful and interesting the software is?

This software is only suitable for those who really know what they want. If you do not really know what you want, then perhaps it"s just useless to you UNLESS you read the “How to Set and Achieve A Goal” ebook which comes together with this package.


How to Set and Achieve A Goal ebook

This 79 pages ebook consists of 3 major parts, which are

1. How to prepare for success

2. How to set a goal

3. How to stay on track

Arina elaborate these 3 steps in a great depth and I can tell you that this is not the junk information. These are great stuffs. The ebook will guide you step-by-step to achieve your goals (even for dummies)



More than 90% of the people who read books (Whatever subject it is) will forget the information as fast as they gain it. I believe that is one of the reasons why Arina design these series of worksheets.

Yes, you need to print these worksheets out and fill it as you will be taught and instructed in the ebook. (I take it as a game and the worksheets as the scorecards) ;)

I"m so happy and grateful that Arina makes the learning process so much fun for me.


Relaxation Audio

This is not hypnosis audio. It’s an instruction audio that guide you to the relaxation state.

Hmm, to be frank, I don’t quite like the audio. The voice is not hypnotic enough and I don’t like to be instructed with that kind of tone. :) I prefer the hypnotic type of audio. (Perhaps the talking annoys me while I’m typing this. Who knows?)

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Who knows, you may love it.


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As usual, I always love bonuses. The bonuses suit me very well. In my opinion the value of the bonuses has worth the value of the whole package.


Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Even though this package is not perfect, but the value that it brings to change your life is far outreach its price. I can say that this is a complete wonderful goal setting package.

Give your new year a new meaning. Stop wasting another year. Click on the link below to get it!

I wish you all the best. I hope you like this non-bias honest review.

See you in the next post!

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    • Living Rooms

      Thanks for the review. Perhaps i will check it out

    • raymond

      You’re welcome Living Room.

      I believe that you’ll benefit from it.

    • Carol

      In your NonBias Review of “How To Set and Achieve a Goal” you have two options for purchasing this. You say Option#2 has $10 discount. I tried both links and they are exactly the same price. Where do you get the $10 discount?

    • raymond

      Hi Carol,

      I’m sorry to tell you that the offer has ended.

      The goal setting system is not mine, so I do not have control over the price.

      However, what I can do for you is, if you purchase “How To Set and Achieve A Goal System” before 5th of January 2009.

      I’ll give you my “Eliminate Stress Naturally” system which I sell for $47 as a bonus for your purchase and as an apology for the confusion that I have caused in this review.

      You can check out more about my “Eliminate Stress Naturally” system here

      Happy New Year and have a great day!

    • Carol

      Thank you very much for this offer! I have read the info on both the goal system and the stress system and they seem pretty in-triguing. But, I’m always a little skeptical to spend more money on self help books.;-) However, I am seriously considering it. If I want to purchase the goal system will it be the newer version (2nd Edition 2009)? That is the one I would want to order. Do you have the newer version to sell? Where do I go to order the Goal System and how do I get the generous gift you offered…Eliminate Stress Naturally System? Instructions please. Thanks!

    • Carol

      I was checking out the goal system on the following website…

      That is where the author is selling it and the picture of the e-book/software it actually says *2009 Edition*. Is this the edition I will be getting when purchasing?

      Sorry for all the questions. Just want to know ‘exactly’ what I’ll be getting and how to get it. Plus, the generous free gift you offered.

      Is this a little clearer? Thanks!

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      This is indeed a great review. Thanks for sharing it to us.

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