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I received an email from a reader yesterday. I felt funny and guilty at the same time.

It basically is a feedback to the article I posted out yesterday. If you remember the article, I said that we need to say it out what we want to dream or what problem we want to solve in our dream for at least 20 times until we fall asleep.

This action taker reader actually took the action and followed my advice practicing lucid dreaming.

I want to congratulate her for taking the action. Applause! Applause (from me)

Then the problem rise …

She sent me an email and asked me how on earth she is going to sleep if she is going to talk to herself, or to be more precise, her subconscious mind continuously?

In another words, how to talk and fall asleep at the same time?

Well, I have to admit that it"s my bad. I didn"t give out the whole thing. It"s not that I am selfish and don"t wanna share it with you. It"s because of an honest opinion of a good friend of mine.

The suggestion

I was given a suggestion not to put too many links that leads my readers to buy something (even it is not my product or my affiliate link). It may piss some readers off michael download free .

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As a result, I try test his suggestion and see what happen. For me, it makes my posts look incomplete.

Here"s my personal point of view

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By putting the links, I am trying to provide solution for my readers. It makes life easier. I have tested, attended and read all the products, courses, seminars or ebooks before I recommend it to my friends, family and readers.

Furthermore, I only recommend it if I think it"s really good. There are so many good stuffs in this world and there is no need for me to recommend you those lousy junk stuffs.

In addition, I never threaten or force anybody to buy anything that I recommend. They can choose to buy it, not to buy it, just take a look at it or ignore it. It makes no difference in my life. I"m not going to cry or get mad for that. I will still love all my readers.

Well, that"s my take.

What about you?

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I would appreciate it if you can tell me more about this issue. How the links help or annoy you. You can share it with me in the comment box or through email (by clicking on the Contact Us tab above this page)

No hard feelings. I promise. This blog is not just about me but about us. (You and Me)

Do not get upset if my final decision upset you because I have to select the majority group"s decision. :)

All right, I"ll share how you can program your subconscious mind for lucid dreaming (both paid and free method) tomorrow so that you don"t have to talk all night long and not being able to sleep. ;)

Stay tune!

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    • zaki blogjer

      There is nothing wrong for your to occasionally put the affiliate link on your post as long as the product that you’re trying to promote is inline with your post.

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you.

      In fact I often find the product recommendation from some blogs has given me a great help in my quest of searching for information.

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