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The Secret (2006 film)Image via WikipediaOne of the biggest confusion in the world of applying the Law of Attraction is, sometimes you get what you don’t want and worse, you are damn sure that you didn’t attract it at all.

In another words, why do you get something which you never attract?

That’s the knot that I’m going to untie in today’s post.

I believe that example works best (well, at least for me) :)

So, I’ll use a couple of examples to illustrate my point of view.

Imagine you are driving along a highway to another town and as a Law of Attraction download titan a e online practitioner, you only think the things that you really want instead of the things that you don’t want at all.

So, every time you drive, you make a wish and pray for a safe journey. One day as you are driving along the highway, the universe or the god “predicted” that you are going to meet an accident if you keep on with your own way and speed.

At this point of time, the universe will do or cause something to you so that you can avoid the accident.

Suddenly your tire punctures, causes your car to stop by the road side and escapes from the accident.

This is where people usually come out off their car, kicking the tires, swearing and cursing at the universe.

One may ask, “Why? I have never put up this wish and why it happens to me?” and begin his journey of doubt to the Law of Attraction

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Not knowing that he is the one who ask for the safe journey and the universe just gave him what he wished for by just giving him a flat tire. Be grateful!

Here’s another example

A young man wants to be rich and successful but he is only working as an office boy in a small company. After watching “The Secret”, he puts on the Law of Attraction hat and begins to send his wish out to the universe.

A week later, he got fired by his boss. He goes home with a thought in his mind, “The Law of Attraction never works!”

Let’s look at what happens behind the scene. The universe knows that this young man would never be rich just by working as an office boy and begin to arrange a series of events for him to be a rich and successful person.

So, the first step is to get him out of the “dark future” company, then arrange an opportunity to come to him that enables him to start his own small business ,then meet some mentors which will guide him to his successful life.

Sadly, the young man gave up WAY TOO EARLY!

He didn’t have faith towards the universe. His doubt is killing him and his future.

I would like to wrap up this post by saying that you will always get what you want BUT it doesn’t always come in the package you want it. Why? Because the universe knows more about “balance” than you do. The Law of Attraction will never give you something that cause imbalance in other laws of the universe.

Have faith and be prepared for the surprise that may shows up. I truly and deeply believe in the Law of Attraction. What about you?

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    • Dining Room Tables

      Great examples to explain a simple concept. You are getting better and better at this Raymond. My compliments to you.

    • raymond

      I’m blushing, Dining Room Tables, :)

      Thank you. :)

    • Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

      Your post makes me think of the saying, “It’s all good.” From that perspective one door closes so that another may be seen and opened.

    • raymond

      Hi Tom,

      The only thing most people oversee is the opened door. :)

    • Shirley

      I agree with your article that we only see something,like getting fired as a bad things, but there are always something better in the works, it we have faith and believe.

    • raymond

      Hi Shirley,

      Do you mean silver lining? ;)

    • dr hapizi

      Dear Raymond,

      I enjoy reading your articles, in fact has been succesfully applied law of attraction in my everyday’s business.(one good example is I always get a nice car park, even at busy town area by applying LOA!)

      -just a point of discussion-

      you mentioned in the first exmple that people who always pray before their long journey, normally will be saved by ‘the universe’

      But logically I can’t think of anybody praying to get fatal accident in their journey, yet accident (causing death) still happened from time to time!

      Is that (fatal accident) is anything to do with LOA also?

    • raymond

      Hi Dr Hapizi,

      I’m glad that you ask.

      I can really say for sure what cause that because there are a lot of possibility.

      However, I believe that nothing happens by accident.

      It could be that they have felt the fear (of accident) long before the accident happens.

      I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that not everything comes true instantly after a thought. There’s a gestation period.

      The fear could be caused by the discussion or some accident stories told to the person by friends, family members, news … etc.

      It could be the intense fear that arise when the person avoided an accident in the past and visualized intensely of what’s the worse thing that could happen if he fail to avoid the accident.

      Seeing accidents that happens on the road may also trigger the intense negative emotions.

      All these are common and possible factors that leads to an accident.

      Only the person who involve in the accident knows what’s really playing in their mind.

      I hope that I have addressed your question. ;)

    • azwanhadzree

      good example you have there, but not everyone can accept the concept … and blame his bad luck for the flat :P

    • raymond

      That’s a good example of a victim. If they feel good living that way, let them be.

      Ignoring the fact does not change the fact.

    • christine

      Thanks for the example. It makes understanding much easier

    • raymond

      You’re very welcome, Christine. :)

      Good to see that you love it!

    • fiza

      good love it

    • raymond

      Thanks fiza. :)

    • neda

      I love the univers,he is my best friend.The law of attraction(univers) has changed my life so dramaticlly that every one who knows me say: we saw God carrying you,even made the people who didnt want me to be here today to actully help me and be sooooo kind and determind to make it all happpen.After the mission was done ,those people got back to their on bad nature and were wondering why they were so kind to me.God changed them,made them blind,made them kind,made the calm ….Its amazing.

    • raymond

      Hi Neda,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s good to hear those experiences from you. :)

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