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I Almost Kill Him

February 26, 2008 | 12 Comments

Mr. A has just bought a brand new car and as you can expect, he is extremely proud of his new car. The moment he reached home, he showed this brand new car to his only son, Peter.

Peter is only 3 years one and absolutely happy with his dad’s car.

“You stay here and I’ll go in and tell mommy about this new car, okay?” said Mr. A to his son excitedly.

“Okay!” replied his son with a sweet smile.

Mr. A quickly went in his house and tried to give his wife the surprise. When Mr. A and his wife come out to see his new car, he heard some noise from behind the car.

Sensing something was wrong, he quickly rushed to the back of his car. What he saw was … hard way the dvd download

… his 3-year-old son, Peter is holding a hammer knocking on his brand new car.

“What are you doing?” shouted Mr. A

To which his son replied, “I am trying to help you to repair the car, dad”.

Mr. A felt so angry that he snatched the hammer away from his son and hit his son’s hand with the hammer in his hand.

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His wife just can’t believe what had just happened and quickly called for an ambulance.

Fast forward … divx moscow chill

In the hospital, Mr. A burst out in tears beside his son and regret for what he had done. He told his son that he is sorry. His son said, “Don’t worry dad, I’ll buy you a new car when I grow up.”

Fast forward … speed divx movie online

Mr. A committed suicide.


What do you learn from this story? Share your thought below.

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    • Nicole Price

      But why did he commit suicide? Surely the regret for having hit his son couldn’t have been so great so as to push him to kill himself.

    • raymond

      Yeah, you are right.

      It’s the regret that caused him to do so.

    • Shueqry

      In my opinion, Mr A. dont have a ‘bigger picture’ towards life in his mind.

      Instead of committing suicide, he should be more optimistic.


    • Land Projects UK

      Mr. A is a compulsive person. he reacts immediately and his mind is focused on his car. He didn’t even think his son.. That was a big regret for him! Good for Mr. A that in the end he realized he almost killed his son. Instead of committing suicide, why not spend more time to his son?

    • raymond

      Hi Shueqry,

      I wonder how much better would his life be if he made the wise decision.

      Emotional rules! That’s what I have learned in copywriting.

    • raymond

      Hi Land Projeck UK,

      Emotions stand out many times more than logic.

      Logic usually backs up later after the emotional based action.

      That explains why people usually buy things they don’t really need. :)

    • Bent

      OMG..that too cruel..I got tear on my eye when I read the father hit his own son..I love my son and I don’t want this happen to him.

    • raymond

      Hi Bent,

      The story will lead us to the next sign of victim.

    • zaki blogjer

      He shouldn’t hit his son at the very first place. No matter how angry he was, this is not the right way to express his anger.

      And when he commit suicide, this shows that this guys is brainless, he let his emotion control him

      He is hopeless guy..

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      Angry people are hard to understand.

    • Barry

      Hmmm, That you are like the news, trying to put negative images in our minds, and that I should tune you out?

    • raymond

      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for your comment.

      This article is closely related to the next post which share about the importance of responsibility.

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