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Hi folks,

I hope you like the free Anthony Robbins audio

download if i had known i was a genius

that I shared with you yesterday. If you are scratching your head, don"t know what I am talking about, then you should check out the post, yesterday. Here’s the link to yesterday’s post.

I received some feedback emails from a few readers yesterday claiming that they have some problem with their speakers and ask if I can provide other alternative for them.

After some thinking, I decide to write a summary of the audio plus some personal explanation from me and of course the credit goes to Anthony Robbins watch once upon a time in china ii in divx freshman the divx online as this is the result of his hard work.

At the same time the summary can act as a recap or note for other readers.

Here is the summary for the short audio.

We all deserve a meaningful life. In order to live in a meaningful live, you need to live it based on your own term, your way. You create the rule and you"ll be the king of your own life.

Most people spend 40-80 hours a week for something called work. There"s nothing wrong with it. The factor that makes your work good or bad is how you feel towards your work.

If you think what you do as a job, most likely you are doing that for a paycheck. That"s right. Most people show to work just because of the paycheck, and that means, they have or force to do it.

Here"s the statistic. Less than 50% of the people in America are not satisfy with their job. We"re talking at the basic level of the satisfaction which is having the passion, desire, eagerness to go to work. Don"t you think this is scary?

We spend the lion"s share of our life working and if we do not make it meaningful or enjoyable, it"s very unlikely that we"re living in a good and happy life. free jingle all the way movie download

Bible talks about 6 days labor and 1 day rest. There"s a good reason for that. We need to rest and do nothing. We need to let go and relax. It"s like a battery of your cell phone. You need to charge it after every few days (hopefully :) ) so that it will have the source of energy to run the circuit. The same goes to us.

According to Anthony Robbins, the meaning of life is about Growing and Giving.

In order to have a meaningful life, we need to grow and give.

You feel happy because you"re making progress. Workplace or office is a very good place to make progress. It"s a place to create opportunity, relationship, products, ideas … etc.

All these are progress.

When we are helping people and solving problems, we are giving it back to the society.

So, can you see how work gives you the opportunity to Grow and Give and thus make your life meaningful and fulfilled

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The secret of being fulfilled is know what your gift is and appreciate other people"s gift. Gift is different with ability and skills because abilities and skills are learnable.

Most people don"t have the fulfillment because of the conflict of who they should be and who they are. We need to make this clear because as long as the conflict is there, you may success for a while but not feeling fulfilled.

To overcome that, you need to enjoy your work. Imagine yourself coming back from work, feeling fulfilled and excited that you can"t wait to share it with your spouse, your children and your friends. Don"t you think that makes your life more interesting?

All right, folks. I hope you find this article helpful and I"d love to hear your feedback.

Speak soon.

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    • lisaq

      it’s so sad that so many people are living this way…i love my job! i can’t imagine doing anything else, ever!

    • raymond

      Hi Lisaq,

      Love to hear that. I love my work too. :)

    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      You actually transcribed it? Amazing what you do for your reader! :)


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      Not really transcribe it but to summarize it up. ;)

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