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That’s the title that grabbed my attention when a fellow forum friend of mine post this video link in one of the forum I am active in.The force of my curiosity drives my hand to grab my mouse, click on the link and watch the video.

I’m impressed, blown away, entertained, felt touched (and felt like want to cry too) and inspired by this video.

And from the Mind Power Secrets

replacements the divx movie online war online

lost city the online newsletter (previous issue) I learned that this video has won an award for short film category.

Tell you what. After watching this video, I decided to have a copy of it in my smart phone and and ipod and I watch it during my lunch time everyday for weeks (Literally) and I share it with the people around me and they were impressed and inspired too.

Now, today, I want to share the very same video with you here on this blog.

I expect heaps of crazy compliment frenzy for this post (or video)  like what we did on the forum.

You’re so great. You have a pair of gorgeous eyes to read my rant and watch this video. Someday, man, someday, with the Law of Attraction knowledge you gained, you’re gonna soar and be super successful and your every wish is the universe’s command. :)

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    • Sardinia

      Nice … thanks for sharing this video

    • raymond

      You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy it. :)

    • ibrahim sultan

      you are great, you are amazing

    • Mecca

      Very uplifting video

    • julio

      Now I know why you named the video like eyes are wet..but with a smile!

      Thanks for posting it.


    • raymond

      Hi Ibrahim,

      You’re awesome, man. You’re superb!

    • raymond

      Hi Mecca,

      It is. You’re so great. You know how to appreciate the video.

    • raymond

      Hi Julio,

      It’s happy and touching tears. :)

    • Palma | Buddha Trance

      Yes, it is such a wonderful video… I watched it a while back, this was a great opportunity to refresh my memory. A good reminder that if we all became “validators”, the world can turn completely around! The more people have a chance to see it, the better…

    • raymond

      Hi Palma,

      As a teacher, being a “validator” is a part of my job and I love to do that.

      It’s a great experience to see how a simple compliment can change their states.

    • Bharatheeyam

      Thankyou for sharing the video

    • raymond

      Hi Bharatheeyam,

      You’re most welcome.

    • Pingback: Buddha Trance | Seeing the best in others

    • Palma | Buddha Trance

      Raymond, thank you for being a source of inspiration for me, with your post. I have linked to you from mine.

      Your students are lucky to have a “validator” as their teacher!

    • Maroun

      Thanks Raymond, very inspiring video.
      Makes you wanna smile and let every person around you smile. Building up people’s energy will eventually build up your own energy.

    • Rose | TaiSlim

      This video has a lot to offer. Most of the scenes are mirrors of real life happenings. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.

    • raymond

      Hi Palma,

      It’s my honor to be able to share my knowledge and cool resources with my dear readers and subscribers. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Moroun and Rose,

      This video gives me so much energy and reminds me to never forget to see the bright side of every person. :)

    • DSFlyman

      What a great way to start my day… smiling.

    • Paul | Meeting rooms

      I really loved this video you totally got me hooked on this – really touching. And I’m literally going through every single post of yours now.

    • raymond

      Hi DSFlyman,

      GO and be the validator of the day! :)

      It’s time to spread the good vibration out.

    • raymond

      Hi Paul,

      This video “robbed” my attention too.

      I’m sure you can find lots of great information and goodies as you go through my posts. :)

      Don’t hesitate to subscribe to my rss feed to ensure you get all my latest updates. ;)

    • Fia

      That was truly a heartwarming video, Raymond! This video made me smile and cry at the same time. Thanks for sharing! ;)

    • raymond

      Hi Fia,

      You’re very welcome. Feel free to share this blog with your friends and family if you find it useful.

      Spread the good vibration. :)

    • Amiee

      Raymond, I think here you are right by saying this the video has taken you back for not forgetting the bright side of every person.

      You have nice spirit man!

    • Chat

      Thanks Raymond, very inspiring video.
      Makes you wanna smile and let every person around you smile. Building up people’s energy will eventually build up your own energy.

    • raymond

      Hi Chat,

      The good thing is that it takes NOTHING (but the effort to create this video) to builds up the energy.

      It’s so inspiring that I want to watch again now. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Amiee,

      Thanks for the kind words. You’re so great! :)

    • Angelwaya

      Thank you for your inspiration. This will help us keeping the focus where it should be.

    • Jerry Jag XF

      No doubt , you have what it takes to get one hooked on the site. Nice video, really inspiring and you’ve geared me in making one like this. Thanks

    • raymond

      Hi Angelwaya,

      I’m glad to you’re inspired (Just like I do) :)

    • raymond

      Hi Jerry,

      Let me know when you have made one. I’ll help to spread the video. ;)

    • Tushar

      Hi Raymond.

      I am unable to view or download this video.
      Can you pls help???

      • raymond

        Hi Tushar,

        I can view the video without any problem.
        Perhaps you can try it again.

    • S.S.Murthe

      It’s a piece of art.It did take hard for us to smile but it will take us love to show other people to smile.

      Awesome clip buddy. We all love it.

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